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  • Roof and Attic insulation
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  • Improve energy efficiency
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Top Roofing contractor in Los Alamitos CA was a fantastic company for you to work with. I immediately called for the service of the company early in the morning to fix some leaks of my roofs. In less than an hour, their team is already on our house. The entire repair process was all completed at the same day. Great service and great quality especially for those people in Los Alamitos CA who are in need of immediate roofing repair services. I need to recommend the company to some of my friends since I know that they will also be happy like me.
- David Churchill

Huge assistance to me

We strongly recommend Top Roofing as your roofing company in Los Alamitos CA. This team of roofers was very up front, honest at the same time super nice. I needed a repair of one shingle and the team only spends less than five minutes to prepare everything. I have found this company because of my friend's recommendation. Before I finally decide to seek for the roofing service of the company, I first read some reviews on Yelp concerning the company's service. Since all the reviews posted are positive, I also take risks to get to worked with the company. I was very happy with my experience with the company. Thank you so much!
- Dominic Taylor

They added value to our home

We just had Top Roofing to repair our roofs at home. Even an A+ is not enough to show how we are thankful to the roofing services of the company. They were just right on time based on the scheduled roofing repair appointment. It really looks great to work with a company whose team was very friendly, polite, knowledgeable, and professional and best of all knows how to deal and communicate with people. I think that no other roofers can give the same quality of service than Top Roofing. The price of their service was also fine, too. Therefore, whether you need the best roof repair contractor in Los Alamitos CA, there is no need to look for other companies than Top Roofing.
- Steven Parr

You should buy your doors from this company!

Top Roofing was very fast to respond in scheduling an appointment. They were faster compared to the other five roofing companies in Los Alamitos CA that I reached out. On top of those things, the team was very awesome and fun to work with. You will never have trouble or stress at all when you choose the roofing services of the company. They will do everything to leave you happy and satisfied right after their repair services. Thank you so much guys for being the best roofing company in Los Alamitos CA. I could not wait to recommend the company to my friends here in Los Alamitos CA.
- Alan Chapman

Got a new roof over the weekend!

Top Roofing came out to give us precise estimate. They also took a closer look at the roofs and told us that we need to have insurance money for replacing it. Since we do not know what to do, we ask for some pieces of advice to the company. I was impressed since they were able to help us with the process and the next day an insurance inspector evaluated our roofs. We immediately got an approval to the inspector and we were very happy with that. Thank you so much Top Roofing for your guidance and advice. You are truly a professional and excellent roof repair contractor in Los Alamitos CA.
- Christopher Clarkson

Working like new again!

Top Roofing is an excellent and professional Los Alamitos CA roofing company that you can trust. We have been working with the company for several years and I am truly happy with the entire outcome that we are receiving. I am very happy that I choose to work with the company. No words can express how thankful I am to the company. Thank you so much guys for being an excellent company that could respond to the needs of the clients.
- Theresa Rees

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Best Roof Repair in Los Alamitos CA

Roofing maintenance is taken for granted by most homeowners today. They pay little and sometimes o attention to it. Only when it’s raining or there are visible roof problems that occurred that we make an action. When you take longer to make a necessary solution to the problem, the more it will cost more money. This is the reason we have to secure a preventative maintenance to assure the longevity of the roof and will take decades before it actually requires for replacement. Best Los Alamitos roof repair

Roofing Los Alamitos CA comes in 8 steps in doing roof repair and replacement services:

Before setting our foot on the rooftop, we first make necessary inspection on the area to avoid accidents and serious injuries. Trying to fix every problem on the roof which includes leaks can be risky and can put your life in danger. With that, our workers have devised an effective mechanism to make our work easier and safer.

We are highly trained for the job that makes complicated tasks easy. Spraying the roof is the second step to complete the procedure. Using a garden hose, we will identify the leaks on the roof that needs repair or complete replacement. Los Alamitos flat roof replacement

Roofing Los Alamitos CA doesn’t just specialize in roof repair but gutter cleaning as well. We know that one of the main cause of roof leaks are clogged gutters. This is why we include cleaning of the gutter as part of our maintenance services.

Proper roof ventilation is vital to prevent dry rot. Roof repair Los Alamitos CA is expert in giving first aid solution to this problem. We repair major roof issues such as in preventing dry rot from installing a vent along with the roof. As time passes by, some part of the roofing system may deteriorate and cause crack and leaks. With that, you need to be in partnership with the experienced people to handle the problem on your behalf. best flat roof company Los Alamitos

As part of our roofing maintenance procedures, we examine for any damage or leak on roof shingles that may be dangerous especially during winter. Our skilled workers are capable of doing complex repair services leaving you to worry free and confident. Along with it, we also check for other failures in the chimney and vents. We assure that each of your roofing element is properly functioning for best results.

All types of roofing require maintenance and regular inspection to ensure your house with long-lasting roofing system. The people responsible for doing this are your trusted roof repair contractor in your locality. Roofing Los Alamitos CA is there to provide you with quality service roofing at the most affordable rate. With our unique and customized maintenance roofing system that is on a long-term basis. It’s about time that you secure yourself with the best people to help you with all your roofing concerns. We are highly qualified because we have been in business for several years now. Call them at your convenience, and we will arrive at the right time.

tile roof in Los Alamitos         asphalt shingles roof Los Alamitos

Best Solar Panel Installation in Los Alamitos CA

Did you know that the sunlight is the most abundant resource of energy in the universe? It produces 173,000 terawatts of solar energy, which directly and indirectly strikes the earth. That much power is 10,000 more than the collective use of energy around the globe, so imagine if everybody will be thinking about going solar? Los Alamitos best solar power system

There may be a lot lesser energy problems, lower energy costs and eventually, a more rapid decline in the use of precious fossil fuels—which takes millions, if not billions, of years to be formed on the surface of the earth. If converting to solar, the Solar Panels Los Alamitos CA is the best choice.

There are a lot of the Solar Companies in Los Alamitos CA to choose from. All of which can offer the same effective and efficient solar panels and accessories, customer services, and manpower. But still, not all of these providers are the same—there are those who are true to their claims, and there are also those who are not. Thus, it is very important that a homeowner or commercial structure administrator is able to choose the best. For that reason, it is best to ensure that the provider has accessible services, efficient workflow, and reliable manpower. That is what the Solar Panels Los Alamitos CA can offer. solar panels company in Los Alamitos

Seasoned in the trade for years, our company is known to be fast and effective in terms of services. But what makes our online provides the best in the field is our relentless pursuit of excellence. In fact, we have developed our very own work style and timeline that have been proven to be not just effective but efficient in the current needs of the people in Los Alamitos and nearby residents and homeowners.

Here are some of the reasons that make this provider at the top of the pack:

World-class job order timeline and workflow. We at Solar Panels Los Alamitos CA has become the authority when it comes to anything about solar energy because we have a tested and proven workflow that produces the best result not only for the company’s reputation but also for our clients’ satisfaction. Los Alamitos solar power energy

Accessible services. Because the service provider is online, it can offer not only 24/7 phone-based customer service but also homepage based help to its thousands of subscribers. From consultation to actual job order request, clients can rest assured that they don’t have to wait in line to be served.

Reliable manpower. Reliable experts of our company are right in the same community as you so you can rest assured that we can come to your place at the time the customer service representative promised. This way, you never have to worry about delays or any problems with our manpower. Definitely, there are more Solar Companies in Los Alamitos CA than the fingers you have on your hand, but there are less than those fingers who can provide effective services. Choose right, go for Solar Panels Los Alamitos CA.

solar panels installation in Los Alamitos    solar power company near Los Alamitos

Best Rain Gutters Company in Los Alamitos CA

A lot of talks are going on these days about recycling rainwater into potable water. It may seem odd if you lived decades ago but not these days when everyone is clamoring for earth-friendly solutions to climate change. This phenomenon is believed to cause rapid destruction of the planet, and that is how so many great minds are coming into consensus in using natural resources wisely. One of the best examples of this is the use of rain gutters to catch at least a portion of that abundant natural water and turn it into something that is more useful than runoff water. Los Alamitos seamless rain gutters installation

All the more this becomes necessary if you are residing or conducting a business somewhere in the beauteous Ala. Though the state of California is best known for its sunny, fair weather, rains are also prevalent here.

And with the greener lifestyle of the people here, there is no doubt that making use of rain gutters to catch and make more use of rainwater will become so prevalent in no time. Before that time comes, it is best to install or repair the ones you already have on your residential or commercial structure/s. By doing so, you can enjoy the full functions of these ‘linear catch basins’ up your roof while at the same time prevent destruction and eyesore from developing in those areas of your property. seamless rain gutters company in Los Alamitos

And if you are looking for rain gutter installers, designers, suppliers or fixers, you never have to go far because the best people are just a message or phone call away. The Rain Gutters Los Alamitos CA is the authority when it comes to anything about gutters. We have world-class personnel all over the place and nearby areas, so you never have to wait for your gutter needs. We may be right at your location, so you can rest assured that you have access to our services. Each of this personnel is provided with the necessary know-how plus the needed tools to complete an entire gutter installation, fix or remodel in just a matter of minutes or more.

More importantly, the Rain Gutters Los Alamitos CA have tested and proven workflow that will surely achieve very useful results. All personnel of our company uses the same strategic and organized workflow to ensure that the clients are the topmost concern at each job order request received. All these and more are the reasons why we continue to be the top choice when it comes to gutter job orders and consultations.

At the first sign of damage on your gutters or if you are thinking of constructing a new house or building, be sure to have an effective rain gutter with the help of Rain Gutters Los Alamitos CA. You don’t have to go too far to enjoy our services. Simply leave a message or give them a ring and in no time, our reliable personnel will be at your place. Message or call them directly, now!

best rain gutters in Los Alamitos local Los Alamitos rain gutters top rain gutter service Los Alamitos downspout company

Best Skylights in Los Alamitos CA

Skylight Installation Los Alamitos CA will help you spruce up your property. Whether you are a simple homeowner who is want to carry out a home renovation project or business owners who want to boost your company’s productivity while reducing lighting cost, installing skylight is a perfect choice. Having skylight roof Los Alamitos CA can entice envious gazes from your neighborhood. Talk to one of our skylight experts and install one now! Los Alamitos skylight windows company

Skylight is known for providing a myriad of benefits to property owners. But to be able to reap all the benefits, it’s vital to understand first the design, size, materials, and positioning of skylights.

Learn from the experts!


Although the majority of skylights come in rectangular shape, these also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The shape, in general, impacts the look and design of your room. The days when skylights were susceptible to vapor build-up throughout the cold season which trickles down the room in the form of water droplets is long gone. Nowadays, however, skylights come with features that avoid vapor build-up and are likely to be less vulnerable to condensation-related problems.


Skylights can relatively illuminate your room up to twenty times the room size. But it doesn’t mean that the bigger the skylight, the better. In choosing the size of your skylight, it is important to consider the floor space. In general, it is reasonable to install a skylight that is less than 5% of floor space if there are some windows within that room. Estimate how much lighting your property can take so to avoid an excessive amount of heat and light. Our skylight Installation Los Alamitos CA experts can help you determine the proper skylight size. skylight contractor in Los Alamitos


The material used on the skylight has a direct impact on its efficiency and look. Plastic and glass are the most popular and commonly used for skylight glazing. Plastic skylights are more affordable and durable than its counterpart. However, the color may fade over time and is prone to scratches. Conversely, glass doesn’t fade and is scratch proof. But it is more costly and typically used in commercial infrastructure. Glass skylights usually have a laminated pane on its interior while the exterior is tempered glass for durability purposes.


Skylight placement or how and where you place skylights is equally crucial. Location can determine skylight efficiency. Usually, when it is placed on the north, it emits consistent cool lighting while if it faces the eastern part, it can provide a sufficient amount of solar energy, especially in the mornings. Meanwhile, skylights placed in the west provide afternoon sunlight. The slope wherein skylights are installed also controls the received amount of light and heat.

It is imperative to understand numerous factors that may affect the skylight efficiency. You can trust our expert skylight Installation Los Alamitos CA to ensure that you pick the right skylight for your home and the installation and placement is proper. We will guide you throughout the process- from a choice of skylights to the installation itself.

Los Alamitos skylight    skylight installers near  Los Alamitos

Best Attic Insulation in Los Alamitos CA

As for the purpose of preventing air infiltration and also in order to keep your home energy efficient attic insulation should be considered.Though there are numbers of ways on how you are to make your place energy efficient still one of the most effective ways would be through insulating the attic. The attic is considered as a primary area in the house in terms of letting in of the air from the outside that’s why it is very important that you should find the best attic insulation, provider. And so the best option to consider would be the Attic Insulation Los Alamitos CA. attic insulation Los Alamitos

Attic Insulation Los Alamitos CA would make your home be in a more comfortable temperature all throughout the year in order for you not to rely on heating and air conditioning. Once you want to save money from the energy bill, then consider attic insulation services. If you are to get the right service with regards to attic insulation, there will be an assurance that you are to reduce drafty areas along with preventing the moisture damage into your place as well. We are glad to help you with regards to the said matter.

Things to pay attention to

There could be numbers of signs that would tell you that you have inadequate attic insulation. Once your place gets too hot or cold within certain time even other areas are not then it could be due to poor insulation of attic. Along with that, if you are having high energy bills or you are paying high bills as for heating fuel you are also suffering from inadequate attic insulation. With these cases, the best option to consider would be our help from Attic Insulation Los Alamitos CALos Alamitos insulation contractor

We are known as experts with regards to dealing with your attic insulation needs. We have a professional team that would perform at their best just to provide your needs. Our technicians are as well licensed and are highly trained with regards to the kind of work that they have. We at Attic Insulation Los Alamitos CA promises only of high-quality work without having to require you spend too much of your money as well. We are dedicated to serving our clients and so make them feel the best result of our work.

If you are looking for the best attic insulation services that will definitely address your needs and will satisfy you then Attic Insulation Los Alamitos CA could be the best choice. We are to make sure that you will have only what is best with regards to your attic and we are to make sure also that we offered services that would go beyond your expectations. Being in the service for many years, our top priority would be offering only what is best for our dear clients. You must have no doubt in terms of trusting us for we will not fail you as well. Just call us, and we are ready to serve always.

attic insulation service Los Alamitos    Los Alamitos radiant barrier attic insulation

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