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Rain Gutters

  • Service & installation
  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
  • Gutters cleaning service

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Solar Panels

  • Solar panel systems
  • New installation & repairs
  • Reduce bill up to 55%
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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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Ideal for our business

We have found out about Top Roofing contractor in Lomita CA through Yelp. There are several reasons why the company got 5 stars � they are excellent and professional. My father and I are demanding individuals; hence, I am hesitant to seek for the service of the company. However, I was impressed with the reviews given by the clients to the company � hence; we decided to try their service. After completing their project for us, I know to myself that I made the right choice. They are honest, professional, prompt and very friendly. Getting your roofs repaired requires a reputable and professional company � call Top Roofing today!
- Alan Ferguson

Amazing job!

After spending time to read some of the reviews on Yelp, I immediately requested some quote from Top Roofing. The team shows up on time and was very honest, knowledgeable and personable. I try following my gut and at that moment, I hired them for my roofing concerns. After setting up the exact date of the repair services, I expect that they will be on time. They came as what I expect with the knowledge and skills to repair everything on our roofs. I have hired for several roofing contractors in Lomita CA but I have not found one like Top Roofing. Thank you so much guys, you really met my expectations � you are the best roofing company in Lomita CA.
- Wanda Rees

Safe experts on site

Replacing your own roofs is not an easy task especially if you are not skilled and knowledgeable enough to do it by yourself. I called several roofing companies in Lomita CA. However, I knew that Top Roofing is the best and most genuine one. When I called the company, I spoke to someone who was able to explain to me what is really happening to my roof. This sets the company apart from others. This is significant on my part since I am not hiring a roofing company just because of their cheapest quote. Their team came on time, inspected our roofs and was helpful in explaining everything. These are the reasons why I choose to work with Top Roofing. They are the best roof repair company in Lomita CA.
- Luke Lee

Awesome job guys!

Great thanks to Top Roofing for spending time inspecting every inch of our roof. This is to assure that they do not miss everything! As an excellent roof repair contractor in Lomita CA, they were able to explain all the things in details. This helps me to learn important details about roofs. Right after the inspection is carried out; they were able to find out that our roof does not need to undergo replacement processes. It just needs simple repairs that save me a lot of time, money and effort. I am impressed with the company because of their professionalism. I am planning to refer their roofing services to my friend.
- Liam Hudson

A+ service

I would highly recommend Top Roofing repair services in Lomita CA! They were personable, extremely professional and excellent communicators. They have given us easy and simple to understand reports. They were also accurate and honest in giving us details about our roofs. Compared to the previous roofing company in Lomita CA that I had worked with, this company is honest, highly knowledgeable and deserves your trust. Apart from that, the company also offers roofing services at its competitive prices. This saves our time, money and effort. Two thumbs up for you guys!
- Andrew Martin

My roof works great

Excellent roof repair services in Lomita CA by Top Roofing! Professional, good communication, good value, reasonable price and very responsive to our request � words that best describes the company! As I choose to work with the company over other roofing companies in Lomita, I know that I am tracking the right decision. Although it was my first time working with the company, they were able to treat me as if I am already a long client that they are rendering the service to. I am impressed and happy with their roofing repair services. Thank you so much guys for doing this for us. I promise to choose your company again and again without any hesitation.
- Tim Stewart

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Best Roof Repair in Lomita CA

Rainy season is around the corner. Perhaps, even strong storms also are. Do you have the kinds of roofs that can withstand these natural phenomena? If not, you should never want to take the risks. You might already be thinking of someone who can do the carpentry of your roofing systems. But are you sure that you will have the right man for the job? Save yourself from any regrets by choosing a professional roofing service company like Roofing Lomita CA. Best Lomita roof repair

Roofing Lomita CA is an excellent roof installation and repair service company rendering professional works in the entire area of Lomita CA and neighboring areas. With an undisputed commitment to top quality service along with the pursuant to excellence, our company has always been very dependable in helping those who need outstanding roof jobs. So what do we offer?

A wide range of services

Thinking of replacing your roof with a new wooden shingle? Or do you want to try something more durable like metal roofs? Whatever it is, just inform our company and hired help will be on the way as soon as possible. As soon as you send your job order request, we will devise the most comprehensive plans, assign the best carpenters and bring the most effective tools to complete the job. Lomita flat roof replacement

Quality Assurance

At Roof Repair Lomita CA, we service in accordance with our mission which is to render top quality all the time. The quality of our works is attributed to a consistent training and experience learning of the carpenters and handymen. Since we are already in business for a number of years, we are already familiar with all types of roofing needs of our customers.

Reasonable price

Quality works are often associated with high price. But that is not the case when you settle with Roof Repair Lomita CA. This is because we have a very sympathetic consideration to the ups and downs of life. With this in mind, we never limit our services to those who are fully capacitated. With them, you can make sure the price of our services is well compensated by the quality of our work. Not only that, we never impose any additional charge. Plus, they never adhere to hard sell. best flat roof company Lomita

Emergency roofing services

If it happens that need roof repair in the midst of the night, we always available to help you out. Our toll numbers are always staffed by our customer service representatives. All you have to do is to give them a ring and wait for dispatched help for your peace of mind.

Nothing compares to the security and convenience that roofs can give especially during harsh weathers. For this reason alone, it is just right that your roofs should be in their best condition. In the event of damage, there’s only one company you can count on. Consider Roofing Lomita CA at its best, and you will be in good hands. The best quality of roofing service is our promise in exchange for your trust.

tile roof in Lomita         asphalt shingles roof Lomita

Best Solar Panel Installation in Lomita CA

The solar company in Lomita CA have a complete system for solar power that you need. With the climate change, rising energy bills, and even the destruction of the non-renewable resources are just some part of the problems that we encounter day by day. On the other hand, there is always an answer to this. Solar panels Loma Linda CA could be a part of the sustainable solution. Lomita best solar power system

There are certain companies located in Lomita which provide a wide variety of home solar solutions and two approaches to the market. We have a group of operation technicians which serve a network of a local community for solar panel system packages. At the same time, we also have an engineering team that concentrates on the creation of affordable finance from various facilities.

The solar company in Lomita CA have kits managers and panel system packages who are highly trained to listen out to you and your needs and show you all of the advantages and benefits of being an energy producer. We provide panel products for all the residents in Lomita. The very first step you need to do is to fill out a form from our company to get a free evaluation in your home without a high-pressure sales tactic that you do not want to hear. solar panels company in Lomita

Call them today, right now. Solar company in Lomita CA have an expert consulting which begin with a determination to get all of your requirements at home. You can also schedule for a first solar evaluation which includes some utility rebates. We will need some technicians from one of our companies to inform you which solar panel is perfect for you. Once you go with our solar panels, it is going to benefit you, and at the same time, it will also benefit the planet. Our people will work hard so we can go the extra mile for you. Once you work together, you can help build sustainability and a passion for the green environment. Lomita solar power energy

We at the Solar company in Lomita CA will do our best to look for energy professionals who possess expert capabilities who can answer all of your questions when it comes to the solar panels Lomita CA. We have a wide selection of panel modules which combine an elegant aesthetics with a strong performance and design. We have also proven ourselves in either small or huge panel system packages in different countries from around the world. If you want our service, you can email or call them right now including all of your details so we can get right at your doorstep in a short period of time.

The process to receive your solar company in Lomita CA solar panel evaluation is very easy. There are only a few processes that you need to follow so you can finally start your way to have a solar panel installed in your home. The only thing you need to do is to request for a consultation with us.

solar panels installation in Lomita      solar power company near Lomita

Best Rain Gutters Company in Lomita CA

Did you know that rain gutters add value to your home by increasing a resale value in your investment? This could be installed in re-roofs, new roofs, and roofs with a 10-year life at least. Rain gutters Lomita CA could help you identify the life for your roof and suggest the precise number of linear feet and ideal placement of the customized rain gutter system of yours. Lomita seamless rain gutters installation

The proper installation of these rain gutters helps a lot when it comes to preventing water damage which is one of the most costly and disastrous home repairs. Water damage caused insect infestation, dry rot, oxidation, mildew, and mold. The rain gutter also helps when it comes to protecting the foundation of a home by channeling the water away from the base.

It protects the painted surfaces through decreasing the unnecessary exposure to the water through dripping and splashing. If you are in need of someone in service to do it for you, let rain gutter Lomita CA do the job for you. In addition, rain gutter also helps in reducing the soil erosion and preventing leaks that can be found in crawlspaces and basements. Appropriately placed rain gutter system eliminates the puddles around the walkways and doorways which help to avoid a slipping accident for you and your family. seamless rain gutters company in Lomita

Seamless Rain Gutter

The seamless rain gutter is considered to be one of the newest trends in the gutter industry in Lomita CA. If you want to belong to this trend, call rain gutter Lomita CA. One reason for this appeal is because we can make your rain gutter with no gutter seam. The development of seamless gutter is so much that there are no bonds or junctions in the overall length of these seamless gutters. The standard gutter has some joints which can begin gripping as the time passes by.

This could bring a water issue on your property and the puddles in your house. These areas for water could cause an unsafe area that surrounds your home. Moreover, the leaking gutter could result in leaking foundation that can cause several dollars for repairs. If you want to avoid these problems and issues, call rain gutters Lomita CA. Almost 75 percent of the new gutter we put are seamless gutters. That is how famous we are. best rain gutters in Lomita

Because of the fact that you can choose a color which can go with the design of the exterior of your home, seamless rain gutter is a product of preference that most of the homeowners from Lomita CA choose because it has a custom style and at the same time enhancing your home’s market value.

For more advice and help and advice about these seamless gutter and all of the benefits that we could provide you, contact the professional rain gutters Lomita CA right now. We have a highly skilled installer and experienced team of professional workers who always strive for excellence. We take pride in themselves for a 100 percent customer satisfaction that we always get from our clients.

local Lomita rain gutters     top rain gutter service Lomita     downspout company

Best Skylights in Lomita CA

Elegant, durable, and cost-effective skylights can now be obtained in the fastest time possible. With the excellent skylight products and services that we are offering here at Skylight Installation Lomita CA, you can definitely find the perfect match for your needs. You probably hate to make your house look dull and dark but buying expensive lightings are not the practical solution to make. This is for the reason that you will also hate the monthly charges that you will face. Lomita skylight windows company

Here at Skylight Installation Lomita CA, we are offering the best skylights that will surely provide you delight and will make your room bright and vibrant. Through the expertise of our skylight roof Lomita CA technicians, you can have the capacity to enjoy the new look of your house. You can also feel rewarded by the amazing energy savings that you will have. As you may know, skylights can provide you both the daylight and moonlight, keeping the ambiance of your room energize and romantic. Purchasing the high-cost lightings can also be eliminated. You do not have to put numerous switches in the room just to light every corner and look for your things.

We can make it happen 

If you call us nowhere at Skylight Installation Lomita CA, you can then enjoy the great output of your skylights. The fact that it is available in different sizes and shapes, you can transform your roof into something that will reflect on your personality. This will also remove the bad vibrations in your room as it can help to ventilate properly the room temperature. Probably, you are experiencing unwell if the room temperature suddenly changes. If you have the skylight roof, you can maintain the calm temperature that you need. skylight contractor in Lomita

For most of the people, sleeping with lights off seems to be uncomfortable and freighting. Thus, letting the lights on throughout the night is not an effective way too, but if you are going to put skylight, this problem can be resolved immediately. The natural light rays that come into your room will give you relaxation. You can also take the chance to star gaze at night because of its transparent look. Therefore, contacting Skylight Installation Lomita CA and their skylight roof Lomita CA staffs will offer you the chance to enjoy these things now.

If you are decided to create some minor remodeling to your roof, do not forget to consider the skylight. This can be one of your great ways of making your day and night always happy. Your heater and air conditioning machine will not also be overused, as you can now take the natural balance of your room temperature. By contacting us nowhere at Skylight Installation Lomita CA, you can expect that we will immediately work on your problems so that you will find relaxation and glory every time that you are using it. You can also enjoy the great reduction on your monthly electricity charges.

Lomita skylight     skylight installers near  Lomita

Best Attic Insulation in Lomita CA

Choosing the best among all service providers is very hard, but if you are such a wise person, then you will not think twice to choose, Attic Insulation Lomita CA as your company service provider. Our company has been highly recommended by a lot of homeowners who had been proven already our supreme quality service to our clients. While a lot of company who are offering their services in installing attic insulation for your houses, then, Attic Insulation Lomita CA breaks those odds in this industry. We provide unique attic insulation that prevents air infiltration and regulates the temperature in your house. attic insulation Lomita

Moreover, the attic insulation will prevent your home from having moisture damage. Thus, our free attic insulation estimates can also help you to have an overview on how much you can save upon installing it. We also have expert professionals that can give you advice on what material is best for your house.

Reducing great expenses for high energy costs are the prime reason why you must install attic insulation to your home. It will not only help you save more money but also help in restoring the natural beauty of our nature. It is an efficient and eco-friendly way of conserving energy. Thus you need not sacrifice our nature just for us to gain benefits from all the things that we have here on Earth.

Furthermore, Attic Insulation Lomita CA offers a different type of attic insulation of you to have a variety of choices on what type of insulation you want. Among the types of attic insulation that we offer are as follows:

Blown-in –Loose- Fill Attic Insulation

This type of attic insulation is very much perfect in filling the nooks and crannies among older houses. It is used for drafty homes that are very much difficult to insulate with spray foam. Generally, this type of insulation is used in old style houses or basements.

Spray foam Insulator

This spray foam or fiberglass batt style is one of the conventional methods that is used insulating your home quickly and cost-effectively. It balances both heat and cold temperature in your house thus, making it more comfortable to live in. Our company also offers the following services: Lomita insulation contractor

  • Attic insulation in Lomita, CA
  • Free estimates on Attic Insulation
  • Quality insulation materials
  • Free quote ( Lomita Attic Insulation). 

Making the attic of your houses properly insulated would definitely make you feel relax and comfortable in your houses. Thus, thinking that your house is well regulated then you will not feel anymore so much hotness in summer and too much coldness in winter.

So, in terms of attic insulation, then think no further, Attic Insulation Lomita CA is just located beside you. We are the only and best ever company that can give an utmost care and concern to you, my dearest customer. We think of you as part of our family, therefore we make sure that you are totally and 100% satisfied with our services.

Lomita radiant barrier attic insulation    attic insulation service Lomita

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