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Rain Gutters

  • Service & installation
  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
  • Gutters cleaning service

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Solar Panels

  • Solar panel systems
  • New installation & repairs
  • Reduce bill up to 55%
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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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Thank you for the first class installation

I am expecting the same messy and stressful experience as before with Top Roofing. Since they are already the fifth roofing company that I have called, I know that they are all just the same. However, I was completely wrong with all the thoughts I have in mind. Top Roofing contractor in La Palma CA were great, friendly, honest and responsive. They are different from the previous roofing companies I have worked with. So, what more can I ask for? The company gave me all the things that my roof requires. In fact, I have already recommended the company to some of my neighbors.
- Leonard Young

Best in town

I just bought a house in La Palma that was built last 2013. I hired a house inspector to inspect everything to my newly bought house � he said that there are already loose shingles and some issues concerning the roofs. I called Top Roofing as my roof repair contractor in La Palma CA because of the huge numbers of good and high ratings that it garnered from the clients. They just came on time and do an inspection. Right after their inspection, they told me that everything just need simple repair. I appreciate the honesty, professionalism and courteousness of the team. Despite of the fact that it is my first time working with them, I felt that they treated me as if I am already part of the clients they have worked before.
- William Hart

Well done on this installation!

Roof repair services in La Palma CA given by Top Roofing are not joke. Installing a new roof to your house is a messy and dirty job. Top Roofing and the team were honest, upfront and professional in rendering the best roofing services we need. We got at about six estimates and I called Top Roofing because of the fair estimates as well as good reviews it has. The company was personable, super professional and accessible to hammer all the details needs. They have worked out based on our given schedule. The crew was also conscious, considerate and fast. I will never hesitate recommending the company again and again.
- Katherine Ross

This is the very best roof service

I will recommend Top Roofing to my friends and family in La Palma � this team was a true professional. We changed our roofs from tile to shingles because of the pine tree in our neighbors. Rain and needles usually damaged our roofs. It was stressful choosing shingles will match the entire look of my house hence I decided to call for the assistance of Top Roofing. A team of roofer came over and helped me in making my decision. Their team was extremely professional and courteous. They are truly the best roof repair company in La Palma CA. Thank you so much guys!
- Sue Morgan

Never been so happy!

Top Roofing and team did an excellent job in re-roofing my house in La Palma. We got huge numbers of quotes from various companies but I really felt comfortable and safe with the company. They are very straightforward, solid, friendly and professional people who are knowledgeable on what they are doing. Their team of roofers was also fast, efficient, great, clean and respectful. The entire process was painless and smooth. From the beginning, they were very up-front and thorough with their quote and you will never acquire unexpected hidden costs at the end. I am truly impressed with Top Roofing. They are truly an excellent La Palma CA roofing company for you to trust.
- Harry Hodges

Aces in their business

I was completely happy and satisfied seeing our new roof at home. The roofing service from Top Roofing was truly an outstanding one. I had already spoken to three roofing companies in La Palma but I was impressed with Top Roofing. They are the best roofing company in La Palma CA you should also trust. Their team of roofers was very efficient, courteous and kind. Our roofs were finished immediately at its highest quality. I would highly recommend Top Roofing contractors to some of my friends, relatives and neighbors in La Palma.
- Robert Duncan

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

Best Roof Repair in La Palma CA

Are you looking for roofing experts? You don’t have to go far because the best ones are right in your neighborhood, the Roofing La Palma CA. We offer the widest array of roof services and the longest list of world-class carpenters and handymen to take care of any roof repair. So whether the roof is made of cement, galvanized iron or just about any other types of materials, you have the right help in town. Simply dial our toll-free hotline numbers or leave a message on our contact form and our reliable customer service representative will immediately get back to you with the right answers. Best La Palma roof repair

About Roof Repair La Palma CA

Roofing La Palma CA is the leader in providing world-class roof repair jobs in the area and nearby places. It has teams of experts all over the area, which allows it to provide quality services on time. More importantly, it has reliable experts who are at the same time locals of the area so we know everything the area—climate, suppliers, etc. That way, we can also offer sound advice when it comes to maintaining and keeping the roof safe from hazardous elements and untoward events that may cause wear and tear on the roof.

Roofing La Palma CA experts

The people working for the success of Roofing La Palma CA are the ones to be credited with the achievement of our company. We are the ones who actually make the maintenance and restoration of homeowners and business owners’ roofing so easy on that side of California. La Palma flat roof replacement

Becoming one of the partners of Roofing La Palma CA is not that easy though. One needs to be a real expert in roofing and all other services that are associated with roof maintenance, installation, and restoration. Also, he or she also needs to be within the La Palma or nearby areas so that our services are accessible by the locals of the place. More importantly, this will adhere to the claims of fast and efficient service of us.

Workflow of roof repair in La Palma California

Continuous pursuit of excellence is another reason why our company and its throng of experts are successful in achieving our goals in the trade. We have honed numerous carpenters and roof makers into roofing and repair experts by developing our very own unique workflow, which proved to be effective and efficient through the years. With this uniformity that we apply in our every client or job order, home and business owners who require our help can always expect the same tested and proven results beautifully restored roofing. 

Whether the roof is made of concrete, galvanized iron, light materials or any resin, there is only one roofing expert to trust. So why wait for your entire roof to become an eyesore which will eventually require higher expenditure when you can already get the help of the experts right now and save a few dollars for being prompt? Call or message them now!

   best flat roof company La Palma    asphalt shingles roof La Palma    tile roof in La Palma

Best Solar Panel Installation in La Palma CA

Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and hails can create a plenty of damage to the solar panels on your roof. Other than the bad weather, the impact of stray balls, stones, and other solid objects can create destruction on the panels. La Palma best solar power system

Luckily, the roof solar panels are made to be repairable so that it can be used again and avoid the possibility of throwing away the damaged panels. If you have a solar panel that requires repair, here is the process that you can perform.

Checking the Damage Level

If your area had just been suffered from the storm, your solar panels might also undergo some serious beating. In order to detect the level of the damage on the solar panels, make a thorough check-up on it starting from mounting frame, to the glass components, and down to the wiring.

Mounting Frame Repair 

solar panels company in La Palma

When examining the roof solar panel’s mounting frame, take a deeper look at the cables and bolts that hold the mounting frame. The strong winds can also be the reason for damage on the mounting frame and it might also weaken the anchors. Thus, if some of the cables and bolts are loose, it is better to tighten them up in order to prevent the falling of the solar panels. Change the damaged cables and see to it that the mounting frame is safe.

Broken Glasses Repair

Prior of attempting to repair a broken glasses on the solar panels, see to it that the panel still functions. In order to do this, maintain the panels on its position for a day and determine if it still capable of generating energy. Usually, the broken panels do not produce sufficient energy thus do not assume that the solar panels required for replacement. 

La Palma solar power energy

If the solar panels can still produce energy despite the fact of poor status, you may repair the damaged glasses on the panel. It does not need to replace the glasses that contains a minor break on the corners and edges. Use a small portion of discolored glass tape to fix the small broken area together. See to it that the tape is neatly trimmed so that it will cover the small area of the panel. On the contrary, for glasses containing cracks throughout the surfaces must be altered.

These are the basic steps that you should perform in fixing your solar panels. Thus, if you do not have the guts to perform these things, or you want to avoid creating further damage on the panel, all you have to do is to seek for the help of Solar Panels La Palma CA.

It is the leading solar panel service provider that offers a wide range of solar panels services, like installation, repair, and maintenance. They are serving throughout La Palma California and offering the state with great quality of services. Their brand is also known for its credibility and integrity for giving their customers excellent work and great satisfaction. If you contact them now, you solar panel problems will be resolved in the fastest time possible.

 solar power company near La Palma  solar panels installation in La Palma

Best Rain Gutters Company in La Palma CA

There are lots of homeowners who are always worried when it comes to heavy rain conditions. Most of our problems are concentrated on the drops of the collected water on our rooftops. La Palma seamless rain gutters installation

Basically, we do not know where the right location to let the accumulated waterfall. For most of the houses, the common solution to this type of problem is to create a rain gutter. Thus, another problem is that we usually do not know when and where to start the project. These types of problems are being addressed by Rain Gutters La Palma CA.

We are your best choise!

Rain Gutters La Palma CA is the leading rain gutter service provider serving throughout La Palma, California with our wide range of service offerings. We are composed of the trusted craftsman who is equipped with several years of working experience from major infrastructures, particularly for residential homes. seamless rain gutters company in La Palma

The level of expertise by our team is truly outstanding wherein it can be noticed on the quality of our work together with the numerous number of loyal customers who are always hiring our services. Once our team arrives at your house, you will immediately notice them as we are in uniform with the company logo.

We will immediately inspect the design of your roofing and will determine the appropriate style and set up of the rain gutter. We will not just create a rain gutter for the purpose of systematic flowing of the accumulated water in your roofs but we will also make a type of rain gutter that will add attraction to your house appeal. That is why Rain Gutters La Palma CA is popular in this field for the fact that we guarantee an excellent quality of work made in the fastest time possible. best rain gutters in La Palma

The price of a service offering by Rain Gutters La Palma CA is also reasonable, and you are freely open to express your idea on the type of rain gutter that you want for your home. Our expert craftsman has a wide understanding of the design of various gutters available in the market. We can even suggest to you on what is the best rain gutter type for your home, like the PVC type or the metal type rain gutters. You will also enjoy our work as we will not allow for any possible debris to clog the funnel where the rain waters will run through.

If you have similar problems with your rain gutters, whether you like to install a new gutter for your new home or you just want to have maintenance service for existing gutter, calling the attention of Rain Gutters La Palma CA is the best solution. If you want to free yourself from the worries of weakening your roofing foundation because of the stagnant water caused by heavy rain, it is right to make some action now. If you contact Rain Gutters La Palma CA for your repair or installation needs, you will definitely discover other essential things that will prove to you why Rain Gutters La Palma CA is dominating in this field.

local La Palma rain gutters   top rain gutter service La Palma   downspout company

Best Skylights in La Palma CA

Skylight installation is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways in order to spruce up your own home. Because of this, skylights are becoming more and more popular method of encompassing the slice of sky in one’s home.

For Cost-Effective Skylights

If you want to get the maximum impact of the skylights, there is a need to understand the size, positioning, and the designs of the skylights and so asking for the services of Skylight installation La Palma CA is a wise choice. La Palma skylight windows company

If you are planning for a skylight installation, this must not be squandered. Our installation services would help you plan the process of installation, do a professional installation and at the same time provide best future repairs if there is a need.

You can always rely on the services that Skylight installation La Palma CA provides making you feel as if you are the luckiest homeowner in town more than what you expect. For a professional skylight installation, you can request for a quote and be amazed on what the result would be. This would give you an assurance that you would be provided with the best installation services that would match what your needs are.

Nothing is more amazing than finding the best company service provider in town. Considering that skylights play important role in one’s home, it is always advisable to ask for the help of skilled professionals who are capable of successfully installing skylights in your home. This is the main reason why you need to avail the services offered by Skylight installation La Palma CA because we know what the best for your home is. You have the freedom to choose among the wide range of skylights that we offer. This would definitely lead to wise choices that would benefit you and your house the most. skylight contractor in La Palma

Skylights are an essential part of any home. Considering that homeowners can always get tons of advantages upon installing skylights, finding the best installers in town would mean a lot. Our Skylight roof La Palma CA technicians have what it takes to take your home into the next level by means of successfully installing skylights of your choice.

Skylights are more than just a piece of luxury. Most of the homeowners think that skylights are very expensive and so they are more likely not to include these in their home. On the other hand, cost-competitive skylights are widely available today, so nothing to worry if you only have a limited budget on your pocket.

People nowadays now have greater opportunities when it comes to improving the overall appearance of their valuable home. The availability of skylights is the main reason why homeowners can definitely make their home even more beautiful. Our Skylight roof La Palma CA installers would serve as your best partner in ensuring skylight installation services that are worth paying for. This would lead to best experiences that you can treasure of the rest of your life, and most of all would let you realize the real essence of your home because of the well-installed skylights.

 La Palma skylight   skylight installers near  La Palma

Best Attic Insulation in La Palma CA

Lots of people today think about insulating their homes most especially when the winter is near. It is because winter months are more prone to energy leaks. When there is snow, it will easy for you to identify if your home has leaked once the snow has been melted in your roof. On the other hand, summer months can also plug the energy leaks, so it is important for you to hire professionals to do the job for you. attic insulation La Palma

So if you are looking for best and expert professionals, Attic Insulation La Palma CA is highly recommended. Our insulation services can help you seal your attic and roof of your home against energy leaks regardless if it is warm or cold days. We will create the best barrier that has the ability to resist heat flow and keep the cool air in your home during summer months and at the same time warm the air inside during winter. We can help keep your temperature be consistent in its best way to reduce the amount of air conditioner needs or furnace and keep the temperature level you desired.

Does the weather matter?

If you have properly installed insulation in your attic, you have the assurance that you will be able to avoid spending lots of cost for repair and will save you lots of money. Our attic insulation services are not just taking some concerns during winter days but as well as during summer months.

Summer is the best months to add protection for your home wherein we can work in summer, spring, and fall months because during these days. You will likely see the damage. Once you call our company for insulation services, we will provide the first inspection to learn what the real cause of your problem is so we can offer you best solution to resolve it. La Palma insulation contractor

At Attic Insulation La Palma CA, we can quickly audit your home and will help you increase the insulation in your home. With our great services, you can ensure that we will use the most effective method so we can truly add extra protection to your home.

One of the popular methods we use is the blow it in wherein it involves the use of a machine in which it can blow insulating materials in your home. This material will expand so it will surely fit even at small crevices and tight laces.

Attic Insulation La Palma CA can provide you with the most advanced technology that is used in all types of insulation project and provides you high-quality results from our services. We know how much you need when it comes to insulation and we want you to expect a much better result from us.

Adding insulation to your home will help you reduce the energy cost no matter if it is winter or summer months. So if you want to improve your home and make it energy efficient, you can consider Attic Insulation La Palma CA as your best option for your home insulation.

 attic insulation service La Palma   La Palma radiant barrier attic insulation

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