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  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
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  • Solar panel systems
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  • Reduce bill up to 55%
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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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I won’t work with another installer

Top Roofing Contractor in La Habra CA was really awesome. They are the professional and the best companies that I have worked with from the time that my family and I had decided to move in La Habra CA. They are very prompt, professional and friendly when it comes to repairing our roofs. They are really the best team of roofers who completely and immediately help you no matter how simple or complex your roofing problems are. Apart from that, I was also amazed with their customer service. Their roofing repair services cannot be compared to some other companies I have worked with. Thank you so much guys.
- Sarah Ellison

They treat every client with respect

I had received several quotes from different roofing companies in La Habra CA. So far, the clear and most informative one came from Top Roofing. They had given us clear and precise estimate concerning the roofing services we need. When the scheduled day of repair process comes, I was surprised because of the professional and high quality Top Roofing Contractor Service La Habra CA that the company offered. We are extremely pleased on the result as well as exceptional customer service of the company.
- Liam Fraser

Fantastic Job

I am really happy to write a review for the roofing services which were given to us by Top Roofing They are truly the Best Roofing Contractor in La Habra CA. Their company was not the cheapest and not expensive company we have worked with. We are also pleased with the roofing service results that they have given us. Their roofers spend time and effort explaining to us things that need to be done and how will it be accomplished. They were able to answer some of our questions, too. I would love to recommend the company to some of my friends who up to these days cannot find the best company like Top Roofing.
- Wendy McDonald

Trust their experience

I was impressed with Top Roofing Contractor Company in La Habra CA. Their roofers were right on time � actually, they are little earlier. They were very friendly, honest and professional regarding the condition of our roof. I want a company who could tell us exact and honest details concerning our roofs and I know that I made the right choice with this roofing company. They were able to explain everything in a clear and thorough manner. After their explanation, I found out that I do not necessarily need a new roof since my current roofs need just to undergo repair processes. Hooray! I am happy since I do not have yet enough money to replace my old roofs. I am very happy that I get to work with the company.
- Jan Walsh

Amazing results!

Top Roofing is a great La Habra CA Roofing Company to work with. Their roofers were great and prompt. They were just on time based on what they have promised to us over the phone. They are knowledgeable and skilled in repairing our roofs. Apart from that, they also carry out different types of repair tools and equipment to make the repair process done fast and professional. We have also asked their team of the appropriate color of the roofs perfect to our house. I thought that they will just ignore me but I was surprised since their team suggested things that I know could be of great benefit to us. Good job guys!
- Deirdre Paterson

A big thank for this company

When you invest to something, you always wanted to have excellent quality work worth for the price. Although, it was my first time working with Top Roofing, I know to myself that I made the wise and right choice. They are a top quality Roof Repair Contractor in La Habra CA. Their roofers were just right on time based on what they have promised to us, courteous and friendly. Apart from that, they were able to clean up the entire area after the repair processes are done. If you choose to work with their company, you will have the right decision and you will never feel stressed at all.
- Felicity Churchill

La Habra CA customer reviews
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

Best Roof Repair in La Habra CA

As we all know, buying new roof system is a very crucial investment. Before you are about to spend your money, you need to spend the time to learn in evaluating your roofing contractors. You need to insist that you must work with an excellent roofing contractor. And when it comes to the roofing contractor, you should trust no other than the Roofing La Habra CA. La Habra flat roof replacement

We will be able to give you excellent assistance so that you can get any kind of results that you are expecting – a high-quality roof system at a very affordable price. You should look for a company that has an established track record which provides a list of our completed projects and client references.

Roof repair La Habra CA is a full-service roofing contractor in the state of California. This only means one thing, we will be able to handle all of your needs for your roofing system including roof repair and roof maintenance.

When you work with our experienced professionals, it is already given for them that your roof is the most crucial part of your home. We also know that your roof is in need of more than just a shield in order to protect you and your family from different outside elements. We are also providing a ventilation control and a structural support. This is the reason why Roofing LA Habra CA is striving to provide you with the best possible service to be able to give your home a reliable, lasting, and durable roof. 

If you have a problem with your roof we can solve it

Because we are professional contractors, we will be able to handle all types of job that ranges from the smallest repairs up to the construction of completely new roofs. It does not matter for them the size of the project that you want them to work into, roof repair LA Habra CA guarantees you a high quality in all of our services that can last for up to many years. best flat roof company La Habra

Our roof could be damaged by any kind of elements that are caused by the sun, wind, rain, humidity but you do not have to worry about anything much more because our contractors will be able to help you avoid spending a lot of money for a new roof including a regular maintenance and some minor repairs.

Repairing a leak on the roof is not similar to installing roof without a leak. Returning the roof that you had back into its original specification is the specialty of Roofing La Habra CA. We have a team of experts that had carefully studied various available roofing products, and we can also suggest what can be the best application for your roof.

We provide a reasonable, computerized, and written estimates for our clients. You can also be assured that Roofing La Habra CA is going to be with you from the very start until the end of every project, providing a professional and a personal service. Helping the owners in making an informed decision and giving cost-effective programs, skillfully cleaned yards, and payment options are only some of the advantages if you do business with us.

  tile roof in La Habra asphalt shingles roof La Habra Best La Habra roof repair

Best Solar Panel Installation in La Habra CA

Any home or business owner searching to establish to hybrid or full application of solar energy must make sure to choose the best suitable Solar Panels La Habra CA to bring out the important installations. You can find several companies that can specialize both in a commercial and industrial installation at the same time others concentrates exclusively on home solar installations. La Habra best solar power system

The amount of individual shifting towards using the solar energy is now on the rise at the same time the number of companies that offer services concerning and to select the best in needs in research and time of Solar Company in La Habra CA.

Essentially, Solar Panels La Habra CA bears a track record of thriving success to their credit given that many transformations that took place in the solar installation and thus, the company has a good reputation as well as experience in setting up or installing the exact type of system purchased. Moreover, the company must possess a master electrician at the same time it has employees that reasonably certified by the some trusted bard association.

Choosing the right service provider solar panels company in La Habra

When selecting a solar company, you must confirm that the company insured given that if neither the system nor the employee is under risk, the insurance will safeguard. Solar Panels La Habra CA must also bear a permit even though there is some particular individual that would say that permit is not important which is merely wrong. The permit will protect the solar system as well as the user, and the most beneficial aspect is countless of building departments surrender permit fees when energy systems are installed. 

Enough time take in Solar Company in La Habra CA to interview the employees about the type of requirement, the manner in which the job must carry out and so on. On the contrary, if you don’t possess sufficient knowledge in this kind of field, it is much better to humbly inform them that the percentage of the consumption to be credited by the solar system. When you’re done with this process, the conditions of the contract must be checked thoroughly. La Habra solar power energy

You can find some solar companies that can absolutely offer you along with the right equipment to have the solar power in your home or even solar power hot water; those are the corporations that trade these portions to the public, nevertheless even if the prices or not, it is still another matter. Few individuals discover that they can get reasonable prices by just visiting a store that has the capability to purchase masses at a time.

Commonly, solar installers wait for a long list, and it will take a number of weeks for them to get the job complete. However, it is still worth the wait since solar panel must require installation by professional Solar Companies in La Habra CA to obtain the maximum advantage.

The fact that the solar panel for an instance is not that affordable but the benefit of investment is obvious. Taken together, you don’t need to pay for your electric having the suitable equipment.

 solar panels installation in La Habra   solar power company near La Habra

Best Rain Gutters Company in La Habra CA

Rain gutters work a very excellent purpose in everybody’s home maintenance. It moves runoff water from each large surface to the roof of the house to where it can carefully drain away from the house avoiding water damage, windows, and foundations and protecting sidings. In order for you to get this job done, you need Rain Gutters La Habra CA to maintain and clean the gutters and downspouts. La Habra seamless rain gutters installation

Downspouts and gutters must be clear from debris, and the most typical of are the leaves. Even though they are not the drain outlets, it will clog and it will dam up. This will cause your gutters to loose from its bindings. The water that will produce pools in troughs will automatically rust the metal as well rot the wood gutters. Thus, the damaged gutters will not be able to drain water away from your house that will cause to all types of repairs and fixes that will charge you a lot of money that you will expect.

Therefore, Rain Gutters La Habra CA is very essential to your gutters. You must let your gutters to be cleaned at least twice every year. It is better if you can do it more often if you reside in an area prone by storms or maybe trees surround your home. Keeping your gutters clean may sound so simple, but you are not aware that it has a lot of danger. seamless rain gutters company in La Habra

The absence of safety training the majority of individuals have as well as the right equipment and tools are required to execute gutter cleaning besides it is a must that homeowners have to talk to their expert Rain Gutters La Habra CA are accessible everywhere.

You can DIY or you can call to the pros

Rain Gutters La Habra CA is accessible anywhere. All you need to do is take some of your time to call them and have a personal meeting to discuss the things you want to know. A well-maintained home begins with the few, and the purpose of the gutter may appear unimportant however its maintenance will help you safeguard one of the largest asset ever.

As a homeowner, you must be smart enough and take note to the gutter of your house. By letting yourself to be a smarter person, you are not putting yourself on risky circumstances that you know you are not ill-prepared to control. best rain gutters in La Habra

Call a professional Rain Gutters La Habra CA to execute the right service for you. Keep in your mind that rain gutter cleaning and maintenance is more essential for the sake of your home.

Saving a few bucks to a do a risky job yourself is like doing a rain gutter cleaning devoid of the proper training and tools that will cause you more money on imaginable injuries as well as mishandling of the things engaged. For an additional tip, you can consult and ask your friends for any recommendations about getting the right contractor or company that can install rain gutters. By making use of these tips, you can rest assured that you re obtaining and locating the best Rain Gutters La Habra CA.

local La Habra rain gutters   top rain gutter service La Habra   downspout company

Best Skylights in La Habra CA

Are you looking for inexpensive skylight installation services? You have come to the right place because Skylight installation La Habra CA would give you everything you need. If you have a certain project, we have home repairs and improvements that would cater to what your needs are. La Habra skylight windows company

Skylights are now very expensive to avail, but the installation process primarily forms the bulk of purchase. This is the main reason why we provide cost competitive services knowing that not all of our clients have a great amount of money to pay skylight installation services.

As homeowners, it is very important to look for a company that provides budget-friendly skylight installation services because this is an effective way to save a significant amount of money. Because of this, we at Skylight installation La Habra CA is dedicated and motivated to providing cheap yet high-quality installation services that homeowners need the most. La Habra skylight

We know how hard it is to earn money for living and so we only provide affordable services. This would help us to cater to the growing needs of the homeowners who do not have enough amount of money to avail the expensive services from other companies.

Provider of High-Quality Skylights

Skylight installation La Habra CA is one call away whenever you are in need to cost competitive skylight installation services. Homeowners like you can greatly benefit from our installation services knowing that we are using high-quality tools and equipment in the process of installing a skylight in your home. Unlike any other companies, we are always after the quality of services that we provide. skylight installers near  La Habra

We want every client to experience best installation services essential for them to achieve the kind of satisfaction that they are aiming for. Moreover, we want our services to become the main reason for them to have excellent indoor lighting more than what they have ever imagined.

We know that we are not the only company in the industry that provides skylight installation services, our Skylight roof La Habra CA installers are doing everything to provide only high-quality services. All our installers had undergone proper education and training to fully develop their skills. This is best for us to become competitive any time you are in need of our installation services. Because of this, we can guarantee that our services would make your home even more comfortable to live in and most of all would become even more appealing.skylight contractor in La Habra

We want to see satisfied clients because they would serve as a proof that we are able to provide what their needs are. Expect that our Skylight roof La Habra CA installers would come wherever you are bringing inexpensive, but high-quality services that you need the most. This would definitely lead to the satisfaction that you are aiming for. Get ready to experience the benefits of having a professionally installed skylight, which is something that you can be very proud of. This is now the best time to avail of what we offer and be the one to speak for yourself.

Best Attic Insulation in La Habra CA

Cooling and heating costs amount to 60% of monthly energy costs for the normal household. Controlling the temperature in a home is an expensive task, which adds up through the months and years.

Any costs that may be cut will continuously offer savings, which only accumulate and get bigger over time. With energy costs steadily climbing, having to save on the utility costs is now paramount and in the future. The greatest culprit in terms of heat loss out or into the home is through roof and attic. attic insulation La Habra

During the summer season, the rays of the sun beat down on a roof, and pour heat through the home and into the attic. On the other hand, during the winter season, the hot air is rising into the attic to dissipate out of the home.

The best way of stopping this heat movement is through attic insulation La Habra CA, which also any home has. Nevertheless, not all homes have enough. Effective attic insulation in La Habra necessitates two layers to be able to protect against the weather.

Double insulation

Many homes are built with a standard layer of insulation in the attic, but adding more, or better quality insulation, is going to decrease the energy costs further. In terms of insulation, there may never be too much of a great thing. Common attic insulation La Habra CA sheets places in between the floorboards your attic are not offering the maximum protection against the weather changes.

There may be as much as 50 degrees of difference between the air temperature in the home and the attic. Through such as great difference the heat will be rushing into the home from the attic or may rise and leave the house when the winter comes. Standard insulation layers have hardship in keeping with the demand up.

Flexible radiant barrier La Habra insulation contractor

The easiest solution is layering more attic insulation La Habra CA on top of what already exists. However, it is not practical. Building mounds of the insulation of attic will quickly cut down on the space available in an attic if it is used for storage.

When the layers become very thick, moisture problems may become a major hazard because the excess material may act like a giant sponge. Furthermore, what is the attic is done? In that case, a whole renovation project would be necessary for tearing down walls.

The answer to adding attic insulation La Habra CA easily and quickly is a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is working by means of reflecting the heat away. In the summer season, it means that the hot rays of the sun will be directed away from the house. During the winter season, the rising heat is going to be reflected back into the home.

The radiant barrier is a coating, which is applied to the ceiling’s underside, just like a coat of paint. In terms of cutting costs, saving on utility bills is the perfect way of keeping monthly expenses down. By adding convenient attic insulation La Habra CA, the savings through time will be more. Save money and energy. Contact us to learn more.

 attic insulation service La Habra   La Habra radiant barrier attic insulation

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