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  • Roof Repair & installation
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  • New construction roofing
  • Inspections & maintenance

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Rain Gutters

  • Service & installation
  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
  • Gutters cleaning service

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Solar Panels

  • Solar panel systems
  • New installation & repairs
  • Reduce bill up to 55%
  • Residential & commercial

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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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Finally got a strong roof

A highly responsive and honest roofing contractor in Hawthorne CA, Top Roofing's team is a true professional. They come highly recommended and now I can attest why. Their roofer is ready and able to help you in fixing your roof before the rain comes. They're such a kind person, always willing to share their knowledge and tip on how to maintain your roof. I would highly recommend Top Roofing to all my family and friends if they ever need reliable roof repair.
- Pippa Ross

Service to count on

I've used Top Roofing Contractors before and I can say they are the best roof repair in Hawthorne CA I've tried. My flat roof has had leak problems more than once and Top Roofing Contractor never failed to help. Each time, they are quick to respond, always professional yet friendly. Roofers always explain every issue to us, ensuring we can understand the problem I have. This dedicated service gives me confidence I can always count on them.
- Robert Thomson

Many options for budgets

I would like to note how incredibly friendly and polite Top Roofing Contractors are. My roof project wasn't as big as I thought but still, this Hawthorne CA roofing company still did a great job at fixing my leaky roof. Though it was a simple fix, they were as professional and courteous as before. They explained what was wrong with my roof, explained what options are available to me and gave me competitive prices. From the first time I called to hire for roofing contractor to the actual repair, Top Roofing has exceeded my expectations. Whether it is repair or maintenance, Top Roofing Contractors is my first choice.
- Theresa White

Complete stars in their work

My experience with Top Roofing is extremely positive. I can confidently say they are the best roof repair in Hawthorne CA. Being a first time homeowner it freaked me out not knowing what to do. Thankfully, Top Roofing is reliable, from the initial inspection until the last time we spoke. What I liked the most is how they took care of the clean up after the repair. Overall, this has been a helpful experience let me know how I can better ensure my roof protects my home.
- Alexandra Bower

Not a single problem since I bought it

I would like to note how incredibly friendly and polite Top Roofing Contractors are. My roof project wasn't as big as I thought but still, this Hawthorne CA roofing company still did a great job at fixing my leaky roof. Though it was a simple fix, they were as professional and courteous as before. They explained what was wrong with my roof, explained what options are available to me and gave me competitive prices. From the first time I called to hire for roofing contractor to the actual repair, Top Roofing has exceeded my expectations. Whether it is repair or maintenance, Top Roofing Contractors is my first choice.
- Alan Bower

Highly recommend!

I wish I can give this Hawthorne CA roofing company more than 5 stars for rating. I would also really like to give a 5 star rating to your roofer. When he came to our house to perform the repair, he was very easy to talk to, polite and friendly. He was quick to diagnose the problem of my roof, offered me my options and provided a fair estimate for the job. Thanks to that, I can assess my budget first before hiring their services. I would never have second though hiring this Hawthorne CA roofing company again!
- Caroline Wright

So well informed on new products!

I highly recommend Top Roofing as the best roofing contractor in Hawthorne CA. Quick to respond and professional, their contractor did a great job diagnosing the problem of my roof and fixing it in a short amount of time. The next day after I called, Top Roofing sent their best crew, which started to quickly diagnose and found the problem. Add to that, I'm glad to work with a roofing contractor with very reasonable price.
- Phil Baker

Never been so happy!

Thank you for Top Roofing for giving me peace of mind. The leaks of my roof keeps worrying me especially since the rainy season is about to come. I haven't had the time to focus on finding a roofing contractor. This is when a friend recommended this roofing contractor in Hawthorne CA. Having used them before, I thought to try their service and I'm glad I did. Professional, responsive and friendly, they don't fail to share tips how to maintain your roof especially for the rainy season.
- Luke Lee

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Best Roof Repair in Hawthorne CA

Roofing Hawthorne CA offers roofing services that involve people that are specializing and has certifications in the field. There are various companies offering these services and most of them are of high quality. We have built our name in the industry for years, and now, people are very much trusting with our work. Best Hawthorne roof repair

Roofing Hawthorne CA offers services including building, installing and Roof Repair Hawthorne CA for both commercial and residential roofing system. We have our standards when it comes to quality, and that is why people have continuously asked for our help. The staffs involved in the roofing processes are all professionals. We are also very much open to hearing your needs and finding the right and proper solution for it.

What you can get from Roofing Hawthorne CA

We offer services that are within our client’s budget so you are assured that you can get the services you need without ruining your budget. Roofing Hawthorne CA also shows great professionalism by arriving and getting the job done on time. We also give free consultations to our clients. We are also very much knowledgeable about the latest technology, products, and method used by companies involved in the industry of roofing. Hawthorne flat roof replacement

Some of the services we are offering include rock, cap, tile, shake, shingle and other roof systems. Aside from installing a new roof, we also provide reroof or roof repair services. That way, you can continue enjoying the roof you have accustomed to. You can also keep the roof style and materials the way it is. That way, you can also save more money. There may be times when there is no need for a new roof. In cases like these, Roof Repair Hawthorne CA is the one for you.

Our services do not end until the installation of the roof for we also provide roof maintenance. Roof maintenance is necessary for it can help your roof be in its best condition.

The roof would also last longer as compared to the roof that does not undergo roof maintenance. In case you think that something is wrong or not working well with your roof, you ask them to inspect the roof of your property for you. It is necessary to be inspected as fast as possible in order to avoid encountering accidents. best flat roof company Hawthorne

You also do not need to worry much about the quality of Roofing Hawthorne CA‘s work for we are very much confident about it. In fact, we even give out full warranty that lasts for years depending on what services our clients have availed. Thus, we can guarantee you your protection as far as the roofing system is concerned.

We also give importance to our employees and the proof of it is that our employees have been working for them for years already. This can be enough to say that we have a good relationship with each other and we help in bringing the best in each one of them. Just call and avail of the services of Roofing Hawthorne CA and we would be very much willing to provide you with your roofing needs.

   tile roof in Hawthorne    asphalt shingles roof Hawthorne

Best Solar Panel Installation in Hawthorne CA

Solar power is without a doubt the most practical renewable source of energy for residential use. There a long list of advantages when you harness the energy of the sun to power your home, which includes generating your own clean and pollution free electricity and fixes the cost of electricity for the next 40 years. Hawthorne best solar power system

Solar panels Hawthorne CA is also helping you save your money by eliminating or reducing your electric bill, banking your additional energy in the local net metering or utility grid, cutting down your carbon footprint, and requires very little maintenance.

Be Smarter by Opting for Solar Panel

Solar panels are absorbing the energy of the sun, which will then be converted into electricity wherein can be stored or used. When the excess power has been produced, the extra electricity will automatically be metered back into the utility grid in the net metering process. At night or in the darker months of winter, this energy, which was credited back, may be drawn upon.

Solar panels Hawthorne CA are sized in accordance with your needs, based on how much electricity is being consumed by the household no matter the size of your home. For example, two homes with the same square space footage can have a completely different energy usage and may require systems of different size. solar panels company in HawthorneOn the average, a typical single-family home is using about 5,000 kW electricity every year; a 3-kW system will be generating almost all the needed electricity for such a home on a yearly basis.

The actual amount of produced electricity will depend on how much solar energy is reaching to the Solar Panels Hawthorne CA. An array that is optimally located facing south and without obstructing the rays of sun to reach the solar panels. Actual production of this system can easily be calculated by means of analyzing the site from a knowledgeable and experienced solar consultant.

Some manufacturers are also providing monitoring kits that you can tie into a current computer network and may show you exactly how much power a system can produce. If you are thinking of installing a solar panel, you should consider doing your research. Ask your friends or neighbors who have a system regarding their experience with solar. The internet is containing oodles of information just at your fingertips.Hawthorne solar power energy

You may also consider attending a home improvement show and talk to some solar companies in Hawthorne CA to answer some of your questions. You need to compare the manufacturers and see the type of warranties they are offering. Look into different solar incentives and rebate that you can find in your area.

As soon as you are ready to make the leap, hire a licensed, properly insured and professional contractor to install your solar panels, and avoid accidents or damages on your property from the improper installation of the system. Be smarter, go solar, and know that you will not just save money, but you will also do something good for the planet and the future generations. The solar company in Hawthorne CA helps you leverage the benefits of using the solar panels and making it possible for you.

 solar panels installation in Hawthorne   solar power company near Hawthorne

Best Rain Gutters Company in Hawthorne CA

Looking for the Appropriate Rain Gutter Installation Services in Hawthorne CA

Rain gutters are playing a significant role in the maintenance of your home’s beauty, and in order to help in having it keep functional longer, one of the considerations and the most basic thing is that we should be installed properly. Hawthorne seamless rain gutters installation

A well mounted and made gutter system will maintain the soil around your home in a constant level of moisture by redirecting the roof runoff away from your house. Rain gutters Hawthorne CA is also helpful in preventing the unwanted stain of masonry, and these will lessen the damages to your landscapes. If you have not seen the significance of having to provide rain gutter for your home, the quality of your home will be at risk.

If you are thinking of getting rain gutter for your home, you should know several things. The functionality of your rain gutter depends on the quality of installation, so you have to find a great source in order to install an effective rain gutter system.

Looking for an appropriate rain gutters Hawthorne CA to install your gutter is an essential task, and you need to spend some time in locating the company in which you will be able to purchase affordable seamless gutters and at the same time, comes with installation and maintenance services. seamless rain gutters company in Hawthorne

You should look around for some preferences so that you can have an idea about what rain gutter will go well with your home. Perhaps several homeowners in your neighborhood have our rain gutters already set up, and you can ask for your references and recommendations.

Observe nearby housed and see their differences from the styles and designs and about how our rain gutters are fixed so you can picture out how you will prefer your rain gutters to be installed. The downspouts of rain gutters are noticeable, and you would probably want them to compliment your home accordingly.

A great source for rain gutters Hawthorne CA need to have a good service record, and as soon as you make inquiries, we must promptly respond. We should provide an estimation of the possible cost for our services, including the manual labor, the price of the gutter, gutter filter, downspouts, and other related gutter services for installation. best rain gutters in Hawthorne

Preferably, select the type of gutters that do not require continuous gutter repair. Although we would seem to be costly in the beginning, we are more convenient to use for much longer terms. There are some rain gutters Hawthorne CA featuring debris blockers, which may also improve your rain gutter and will lengthen the usage of your rain gutters.

To have the most affordable and efficient deals, compare and shop different companies, each of them are offering specific discount rates and service that you can benefit from. You will also be able to get better recommendations and ideas, which you can use for your home in creating admirable results. You can also try finding online rain gutters Hawthorne CA websites for faster results. In this way, you can save more time.

     local Hawthorne rain gutters        top rain gutter service Hawthorne        downspout company

Best Skylights in Hawthorne CA

Definitely, top performance, stylish, and eco-friendly are just some of the qualities that you may seek for a certain product. These things are also contained and can be expected on the skylight roofs that Skylight Installation Hawthorne CA offers.

We are the prominent provider of a wide array of skylight roofs throughout Hawthorne, California. The continuous patronizing of our valued customers is one of the main reasons why we exist and excel in this industry. Also, with the expertise of our skylight roof Hawthorne CA staffs, we are able to strengthen out our capacity of providing exceptional outputs. Hawthorne skylight windows company

Having a skylight roof can be obtained in numerous ways, like performing the do-it-yourself process or call our attention here at Skylight Installation Hawthorne CA. Though it is not bad to apply the DIY methodology, you can have higher savings when you seek the services of our skylight roof Hawthorne CA technicians.

Reasons why to take our services


If you take our services, you can ensure that you will have the chance to attain greater savings. This is for the reason that, possible committing errors is reduced together with the buying of unnecessary materials. Our skylight roof Hawthorne CA technicians also possess the right tools and materials for processing your skylight. It may not be practical to buy the tools that you will just utilize at once, and the sad thing about it is that; if you do not know how to use such equipment, there is a high tendency of breaking it.

Fast Delivery

Here at Skylight Installation Hawthorne CA, you can ensure that fast delivery of output will be obtained. The expertise of our skylight roof Hawthorne CA technicians is already proven by thousands of customers throughout Hawthorne. Through we are serving locally; our staffs regularly attend different seminars held internationally. This is to enhance their capabilities in providing efficient work and learn the newest technology available. skylight contractor in Hawthorne

Quality Output and Design

If you prefer to take the DIY process for the reason that you can save money, try to think again. In order to have a quality output and design, you should possess not just the high-quality tools and materials, but also the expertise and knowledge. We confidently believe that all the preferences and standards that you might be looking for can be found with us.

These are just some of the abundant reasons why we are holding the top reputation in this field. As your elite provider, Skylight Installation Hawthorne CA ensures you that all the things that you are looking for a skylight can be obtained on us. We are a one-stop shop that can provide you with all the standards and requirements you need.

From consultation down to repair and maintenance of your skylight, you can count on us. We believe that giving you the best is the only thing that you deserve in this field and our skylight roof Hawthorne CA staffs are the ones that will make it possible.

 Hawthorne skylight   skylight installers near  Hawthorne

Best Attic Insulation in Hawthorne CA

The attic has so many uses. It can be turned into a nice space that can be turned into an additional room or reading room, a storage room, or a study room. Well used or not, it is also that part of a home that is next to the ceiling thus is subjected to the outside temperature and weather. attic insulation Hawthorne

This is why it has to be properly insulated. In most cases, it already is but over time the need to improve the amount, which is usually measured by the thickness, so as to ensure that no amount of excessive heat or cold will ever seep through the ceiling – leaving everyone inconvenient. To know the fact about your attic’s insulation, the Attic Insulation Hawthorne CA should be hired.

Installation, makeover, and repair are among the most important solutions that Attic Insulation Hawthorne CA can offer every home and business owners. Our services have always been administered in the most favorable manner with the help of the provider’s reliable team of local experts.

On top of that, we are also equipped with the most applicable supplies and tools which will make the overall service so much easier and faster. We are also provided with the right help all the time, making sure that we are technologically updated and advanced to meet the demands of the wide client base.

Contact Attic Insulation Hawthorne CA

Being the leading provider of solutions when it comes to insulation services, we ensure that we are more visible now than in the past. It has now become available online, which makes it easier to contact and reach. For first time clients of the provider, below is a general process on how to retain the services of Attic Insulation Hawthorne CA. Hawthorne insulation contractor

Initial contact. The connection between demand and the solution can only be initiated by a home or business owner. This can be done by leaving a message over the online contact forms of the provider which are available thru its homepage. But for even faster and more important tasks on hand, giving the provider a ring is a better option. Simply call the hotline numbers that are posted on the homepage and the customer service representative assigned for the day will be there to provide the solutions. 

Confirmation of job order. While the provider will offer solutions and recommendations on particular problems raised by the home or business owner, it is still the owner who will have to confirm a task that he or she needs. Only confirmed job orders will be validated and moved to dispatch teams.

Application and completion of the job order. Once the job order has been verified and dispatched, the nearest expert on that particular task will be sent to the job order. The team will be there at the agreed time and date, and then complete the task as agreed as well. Continued customer service. After the job order, the team of experts will be on their way, but the customer service of the Attic Insulation Hawthorne CA is not yet finished. Clients can still connect with after the service.

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