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Rain Gutters

  • Service & installation
  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
  • Gutters cleaning service

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Solar Panels

  • Solar panel systems
  • New installation & repairs
  • Reduce bill up to 55%
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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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Great value for money

Looking for the best roofing contractor in Hawaiian Gardens CA wasn't easy. The Internet has so many of them but I wanted to be completely sure about who I let in my house. In my search, I found Top Roofing Contractor, one of the best-reviewed contractors I found. After much debate and research, I decided to hire their services and I'm glad I did. They were great to work with, friendly and responsive. From my initial contact to the last appointment, they never gave me any reason to regret my decision to hire them. Thank you for the wonderful experience working with you.
- Karen Quinn

The new roof opener is super quiet

Thanks to Top Roofing Contractor for a fantastic job in fixing my leaky roof. While looking for a roofing contractor in Hawaiian Gardens CA, I found Top Roofing Contractor and I knew it was the right decision to call them. At first, the raving reviews about their service attracted me then after communicating with them, I appreciate just how informative and professional they are. They showed right on time, something I rarely experience from other services I hired before. More than that, it was the easy way they talked and presented their
- Kevin Fraser

Their inventory is absolutely massive

I needed help with replacing some old shingles off my roof. Top Roofing Contractors was the one I called for help and they were amazing. Their team of roofers was knowledgeable, professional and responsive, offering great prices on their roof repair. The best roof repair in Hawaiian Gardens CA, I easily got an estimate over the phone and scheduled for work the next day thanks to Top Roofing's excellent customer service. I am certain I would recommend their team for all your roofing needs!
- Sue Mackay

Helped our company with a new roof

Top Roofing Contractor is the best roof repair in Hawaiian Gardens CA, always responsive and easy to communicate when you need help like on that day a broken branch punctured out roof. At that day, I contacted their roofing company and got help right away. That same day their roofer came and patched up our roof. Top Roofing's contractors know how to take care of their clients and that makes me think they are just the company to go when reliable contractors are who you are looking for.
- Irene McDonald

Got us the most budget friendly roof

The Top Roofing Contractor's team put on our new flat roof and they did a wonderful job to it. From start to finish, this Hawaiian Gardens roofing company has been nothing but helpful. Their work shows their experience, that they are knowledgeable in their craft and knows exactly what they're doing. Even when they focus on quality of their, their prices are still competitive, something that I really appreciate. It's nice working with a roofing contractor that actually knows what they are doing, a company I'm sure I would recommend to my family and friends.
- Simon Hart

Best customer service staff

I have this Hawaiian Gardens CA roofing company to think for my repaired roof but also my peace of mind. They did a fantastic job fixing my leaky roof and cleaning it so it serves the best weather cover. Top Roofing Contractor responded quickly to my calls and took care of the problem promptly. They did it much faster than I expected them that I didn't have to worry about when rainy season comes. If you are looking for professional, responsive and friendly roofing team, I'd suggest you contact with Top Roofing Contractor.
- Stephanie Edmunds

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Best Roof Repair in Hawaiian Gardens CA

How much trouble has your damaged roof caused you? Well, you would likely realize the hassles during the rainy season because of those annoying holes in your roofs. If you are related to this case or you have other roof issues out there, let the experts lend our skills. Best Hawaiian Gardens roof repair

Or, are you just planning to replace your roof with a more efficient one? Professional roofing installation should always be carried out by the experts in order to come up with a quality roof that will never put comfort and security of the family at stake. Without so much ado, welcome to Roofing Hawaiian Gardens CA– the best solution for your roofing needs.

We are the right choice!

Counting on the quality roofing services offered by Roofing Hawaiian Gardens CA is an excellent choice to make your roof more durable. We are capable of carrying out superior roofing repair as well as installation services that will fall on a desirable quote. We are much respected because of the longevity of the roofs that we offer. As a result, you can expect more savings.

When you make the right choice to contact Roofing Hawaiian Gardens CA, rest assured that you will directly connect with the owner.Hawaiian Gardens flat roof replacement Meaning to say, there is no middleman which will give you the assurance that you only receive professional contractor to perform roofing installation or repair service in your area. We also offer to provide consultations in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we never use the hard sell.

In doing our roofing services, we only use the most comprehensive strategies and tools because our primary goal is to give you complete satisfaction guarantee. Since the company fully understands that it is very annoying to have leaky roofs, we only employ skilled professionals who are qualified in undertaking the task for you.

Another factor why Roofing Hawaiian Gardens CA is the best service contractors for you is because we value the essence of emergency services. We acknowledge the unique emergency needs of the residents of Hawaiian Gardens so that we are happy to offer emergency roofing jobs for you. Just call our toll number, and you can expect for the most appropriate solution beforehand. We are also esteemed because of our punctuality. best flat roof company Hawaiian Gardens

Roof Repair Hawaiian Gardens CA is here to render you a quality roofing system that will surely hold even the unexpected. Alongside with the help of our expert carpenters, we also rely on high-end tools in order to make our works easier and at the same time more efficient. In addition to that, we are also very considerate when it comes to safety work.

AT Roof Repair Hawaiian Gardens CA, dedicated service contractors are always readily available to spare you from the detrimental effect of damaged roofs. Wherever you are, we will get your needs covered. Unlike other companies, there is no issue of being out of reach. Call them now and give them the honor to take care of your roofing needs in the greatest way.

   tile roof in Hawaiian Gardens   asphalt shingles roof Hawaiian Gardens

Best Solar Panel Installation in Hawaiian Gardens CA

If you would want to consider having, a solar panel installed, whether it is for a residential or commercial property, any reputable solar panels Hawaiian Gardens CA will ask questions when we come and visit you. Hawaiian Gardens best solar power system

Solar Panel Quotations

The questions that a good solar panel company will ask if you are that is you have a particular location wherein you want to fit the solar panels, if there is a certain make of the solar panels you prefer choosing, or if you know what it means with an “inverter”.

As soon as the questions are answered, we will make sure what you wanted for your solar panels with another question like if there is a particular inverter you want, or if you know the size of solar panel system that, you want.

When the solar panel company has already known what you want, we will be conducting a site survey consists of visiting the proposed areas from where the solar panels Hawaiian Gardens CA will be fitted and make it sure that you will see if it faces the right way, which should be facing South. solar panels company in Hawaiian Gardens

We will check the roof for any missing or broken tiles. If there are broken or missing tiles, these should be first repaired by roofers before fitting any panels. Some companies are doing this free of charge.

We will also take photos of the roof in order to show you if there would be any necessary repairs to be done. With photos, you will be presented with a design about how the panels will look before having progressed to installation.

Moreover, solar panels Hawaiian Gardens CA will check for any obstacles causing shading and causing the panels to stop working. If there are any obstacles found, you will need to look into other areas in order to fit the panels.

Loft inspection is also necessary for the solar panel quotations. The measurements must be taken within the roof area and the angle of the roof will need to be checked too. The installers must also make sure that the structure of the roof rafters will be in good condition because these will take the weight of your solar panel system. Hawaiian Gardens solar power energy

If any faults have been found, you have to organize a visit from a structural engineer, which can be suggested by the solar panel company or you can arrange one yourself.

Furthermore, the positioning of the materials is important. You need to be told verbally and with the drawing plan also, as to how the solar panels Hawaiian Gardens CA will be fitted in your loft area, including the inverter and panels and converting the power of the system from the solar panel or regular electric. If you don’t have a loft, and you are a commercial property owner, proper measurements have to be made, and also recommendations about where you can mount the inverter.

With the solar panel quotations in Hawaiian Gardens, California, you will be able to ensure that your solar panels Hawaiian Gardens CA will be installed properly and correctly and that you are hiring the best service provider for your solar panel installation, which saves you money and time.

 solar panels installation in Hawaiian Gardens  solar power company near Hawaiian Gardens

Best Rain Gutters Company in Hawaiian Gardens CA

The installation of rain gutter is an essential step in preventing costly house repairs and creating a much safer environment for the inhabitants of your house. When it is raining, the water will hit the roof of your house trickling down the slope of your roof to the edge, from where the gutter is installed. Hawaiian Gardens seamless rain gutters installation

The water channeled to the corners of your house, in which it is directed in a downspout, and then safely away from your home. The significance of seeking rain gutters Hawaiian Gardens CA is clear; if the water on your roof will not funnel right, it is going to drip down right next to your home weakening its foundation.

At times, if your rain gutter is extremely old, and beyond repair, installation of new rain gutter will be needed. You can do it yourself, but it is still better to seek the assistance from rain gutters Hawaiian Gardens CA who are able to provide services for you. If your rain gutter is not in good condition, the water may build up and then damage your roof, or it may collect at the bottom of your house, which will be flooding your basement. Shoddy rain gutters may even contribute to an unsafe living condition since the overflowing water will be creating icy surfaces, eroded, and slippery surfaces. seamless rain gutters company in Hawaiian Gardens

When is the Time to Install New Rain Gutters?

Do you need to replace your gutter with a new one? It is a great idea to inspect your gutters each year. Have your rain gutters inspected on a good day? Are they in good shape and undamaged visibly? The rain gutters Hawaiian Gardens CA will look for holes, cracks, and disconnected joints. If there are some serious issues, perhaps it is time for you to look into installation of a new rain gutter. If your rain gutter seems to be just, fine during an inspection in a good.

They should be inspected on rainy days too. Make sure that the water will go immediately into the gutter and that it will not leak or drip between the roof and the gutter. Make sure that the rain gutter’s slope will be enough for the water to be directed towards the downspouts, without the puddles. best rain gutters in Hawaiian Gardens

Finally, the water needs to travel down quickly, and arrive at the bottom of your spout immediately. It may be the time to consider having rain gutters Hawaiian Gardens CA for installation of new rain gutter if your gutter is forming big puddles on the rain as well as the foundation around the house has begun sagging.

There are countless websites that you can ask for quotes too around Hawaiian Gardens, California. Read customer reviews from the previous customers who have already experienced their rain gutter services. Furthermore, there are many services, which different companies are offering. The best company will provide quality installation service and regular maintenance, as well as warranty and insurance if any accident or any part has been damaged during the work progress. With rain gutters and reliable rain gutters Hawaiian Gardens CA, you can ensure the safety of your house and the inhabitants inside it.

      local Hawaiian Gardens rain gutters        top rain gutter service Hawaiian Gardens        downspout company

Best Skylights in Hawaiian Gardens CA

In Hawaiian Gardens, California, many people are now enjoying the outstanding skylight roofing that Skylight Installation Hawaiian Gardens CA. We are considered as the leader in this field because of our ability and capacity of providing high-quality outputs. Through the intensive support of our customers, we are able to build our strong reputation and credibility in this field. Hawaiian Gardens skylight windows company

This is made possible by our dedicated skylight roof Hawaiian Gardens CA technicians, who are always seeking for new information and techniques that will help the process of installation and maintenance of the skylight exceptional.

Why You Should Have Skylight Roof

Easy to Us 

The skylight roofs are easy to use for opening and closing to allow the air and sunlight to come inside your room. Here are at Skylight Installation Hawaiian Gardens CA we are offering the latest locking system that makes the usage of your skylight smooth and convenient. skylight contractor in Hawaiian Gardens The development in our style makes us a real leader in this industry, as we can help our customer conserve their time and effort in achieving the benefits of skylights.

Different Sizes And Shapes

Our skylight roof Hawaiian Gardens CA technicians are knowledgeable and experts in creating and installing different shape and sizes of skylights. Upon measuring your roof dimensions and its position, our engineers will create a design on what can be the suitable size and shape of skylight for your roof. The process of creating the skylights is made easier because of our incorporation of the latest equipment for cutting and polishing the materials. 

Energy-Efficient Hawaiian Gardens skylight

Having our exceptional skylight roofs will definitely provide you with less monthly electricity charges. The fact that it offers the natural daylight, which can cover your entire room, you can eliminate purchasing the expensive lights that may consume much of your electricity. The natural ray of the sunlight can also give the chance to absorb the nutrients that it provides to your skin. Your room will also remain clear even during the night, as the moonlight will make it more appreciating for you.

Competitive Price 

Having the skylights that we offer here at Skylight Installation Hawaiian Gardens CA can make you realize its big difference from other similar products in the industry. Its competitive price can make you feel rewarded and satisfied, not just with it superb looks but also on the high standard that it possess. skylight installers near  Hawaiian GardensBecause of this, you will remain happy every time that you are watching and using the skylight roof. 

These things just imply that you should have it now so that you will start enjoying the variety of rewards it provides. Therefore, do not think twice about taking our services and let our skylight roof Hawaiian Gardens CA technicians do the job for you. Calling us nowhere at Skylight Installation Hawaiian Gardens CA would mean great investment and tremendous experience that you will not locate elsewhere. Aside from our phone numbers and email address, you can now use our website in informing us that you like to have wonderful skylights.

Best Attic Insulation in Hawaiian Gardens CA

Hawaiian Gardens is one of the most livable places in the state. It offers the beauty of nature and the productivity of man-made inventions. In fact, it is one of the most sustainable areas not only in the state but in the country. attic insulation Hawaiian GardensThis is why it is among the best picks for those who are into finding our home as well as business location. As with the rest of California though, the Hawaiian Gardens is also blessed with good, sunny weather. 

At times, this can cause the warmer temperature inside the house especially if not properly insulated. When this becomes prevalent in your home, contact Attic Insulation Hawaiian Gardens CA.

Through the years, Attic Insulation Hawaiian Gardens CA is the trusted provider of solutions to every insulation problems in every attic in the Hawaiian Gardens as well as its nearby areas. Its continuous success over the years can be attributed to a lot of things, but the contractor highlights the local experts, our world-class workflow, and our use of the appropriate technology for the job. Hawaiian Gardens insulation contractor

All of these things were not simply out of nothing but were thought about and practiced through time and have been picked up from the most useful solutions and processes. 

Local experts

Attic Insulation Hawaiian Gardens CA employs a number of top caliber installers, repairmen, and experts in insulation to ensure that the needs of the people in Hawaiian Gardens are provided properly. On top of that, hiring people in the same location as the clients is brilliant. 

attic insulation service Hawaiian Gardens

This allows the provider to ensure fast and effective solutions, which are very important for the clients due to the importance of an attic insulation in the overall convenience and expenses of home and business owners. Also, a local is much easier to trust than those who are from other places. This is human nature: people tend to trust those we brand our own than others.

World-class workflow

Attic Insulation Hawaiian Gardens CA has been in the service for years, which gives it the advantage with its procedures and strategies. Through the years, it has amassed a number of solutions and ways and means how to achieve successful by-products. 

Hawaiian Gardens radiant barrier attic insulation

Everything that has turned out to be beneficial for the clients of the company has been used to each and every job order we have on the list. This is basically the reason why we are getting the best response and positive reviews from these people.


While Attic Insulation Hawaiian Gardens CA believes that we have the best people on the roster, it also ensures that these local experts are provided with the right aid when working on a job order.

Each team of experts is equipped with the tools and facilities that will make every task so fast and easy. This way, every client can rest assured of not only the best solutions for our attic Insulation issues but also the best people and the best tools for the job at hand.

Your Benefits by choosing us

Be on the safe side!


Providing 25 years warranty for new roofing systems


Get low APR loans up 100% of your project


Get the best quality new roof at fair market price

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