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Rain Gutters

  • Service & installation
  • Seamless rain gutters
  • Aluminum & copper
  • Gutters cleaning service

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Solar Panels

  • Solar panel systems
  • New installation & repairs
  • Reduce bill up to 55%
  • Residential & commercial

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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Green energy barriers

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Professional and safe

The roofing contractor Granada Hills CA did a fantastic job with our roof. From start to finish, the entire project was painless and stress free. I found these guys through a referral from two different people in the area who used their different services in the past. They spoke highly of the company and their service so I also wanted to give it a try. It was a pleasant experience working with them. They arrived on time, very professional and left after cleaning the entire area. They were also so responsive, returning my calls immediately if couldn't pick up the phone when I called. Very reliable and diligent crew.
- Angela Mathis

Very satisfied!

Expert service, quick and quality work at a reasonable price! These are just a few of many things I love about this Granada Hills roofing company. They were on time on all our appointments, from inspection to the actual work. They even finished on time, which we really appreciate, as we needed to leave for a holiday the following day, so we needed to have the roof fixed before we left. It gave us peace of mind while we were away, knowing that our property is protected even when the weather becomes bad in our absence. We also didn't have to worry about cleaning the area because they cleaned up the site when they're done.
- Gabrielle Black

My neighbors used them a week after!

I am glad I found the best roof repair in Granada Hills CA. We had an amazing experience working with these guys, so we would recommend them to others who need any help with their roof. Punctuality is always important to me, so I love that their staff was always on time on everything appointment we had. They were also able to finish the job on time. They worked on our damaged roof and gutters, and now they are working and looking great.
- Maria Harris

Great in an emergency

I am giving a five-star review for the excellent customer service these Granada Hills CA roofers have rendered. My experience with them and their staff has been a lot convenient, painless and without any issue from start to finish. It was a peak season for roofers since it just rained heavily, and I found many of those in my neighborhood having their roofs repaired, so it was hard to find a good one I could rely on. I am just happy I found these guys, as they have been a great help to me �till the end of the project. It feels good to know that I have a good roofing company to contact whenever I encounter problem with my roof. I enjoyed working with these guys.
- Angela Hodges

Incredible service professionals

I would give this Granada Hills CA roofing company ten stars if I could due to their level of professionalism, punctuality and workmanship. Our shingle roof got damaged because of age. I've wanted to repair it for months but just didn't have time to deal with it until the damage became unbearable. There were leak marks on the ceiling and walls in the living room, which were very unsightly. Had to call the experts immediately, so I contacted the company. I had a really good experience with them and will continue to work with these guys in the future.
- Max Abraham

Effective, confident team

This roofing company in Granada Hills CA deserves more than a five-star rating. Though they were not able to respond when I first called them, I love how they delivered their service and how efficient and on time they were on everything. We needed to replace our roof and gutters and this team did an incredible job working on our roof. They were very knowledgeable, and they moved swiftly without making us feel that the job was rushed. Our new roof is absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended company.
- Rachel Sanderson

Granada Hills CA customer reviews
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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

Best Roof Repair in Granada Hills CA

No one ever wants to live under a damaged roof. Unluckily, you cannot always control the situations. That’s why when the time comes, you should know that the best thing that you can do is to hire a professional roofing service provider.Best Granada Hills roof repair

Whether you need residential or commercial roofing services, the best roofing service providers are always ready to address to your needs. You can count on the professional skills and experience of a trusted company like Roofing Granada Hills CA and make sure of one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. It does not matter how serious your problems are. Once we are on the field, you can entrust everything to them.

A wide option of roofing services

Some of our services include repair and installation of metal roof and wooden shingles. If you have a specific roof-related problem, we have the most commendable roofing solution perfect for a certain requirement. With them, your concerns could easily be solved without doing any hassle. Peace of your mind is our guarantee.

Expert carpentersGranada Hills flat roof replacement

At Roofing Granada Hills CA, the carpenters are well versed with all roofing issues. We are equipped not only with unmatched carpentry skills but also with the latest technology. We will make it into your location as fast as possible. Since we have been in the industry for so many years, we are already familiar with all types of roofing services along with the best solution. In short, we are master when it comes to addressing to any types of roofing installation and repair services that are not comparable with other service providers out there.

Noble mission

On top of everything, it is our mission to ensure that all of the customers receive the most efficient roofing services. This is the reason why the company also is always the number one choice of many residents in the city. This is just an assurance that we never fail in doing our services. This is what makes them unique over the other companies out there.

Emergency servicebest flat roof company Granada Hills

If you experience damaged roofs all of a sudden, just call your trusted company right away. Once you have decided to use the services of Roof Repair Granada Hills CA, you can expect of the most commendable roofing services in the city. Not only that, but we are also proud to say that we offer the most affordable service charges that fall on the lower spectrum. Plus, all services are sure to compensate the price.

So, instead of hiring for any expensive roofing repair or installation service out there, settle for the best company that the city has to offer. Whatever dilemma you are into with your roofs, make sure that the first and only company that will appear in your call list is Roof Repair Granada Hills CA.

With the effective on-site operation, prompt customers services, high-quality roofing service and friendly customer service representatives, there is no reason to go for less. The company is next to none, and we are always ahead of competitions.

   tile roof in Granada Hills   asphalt shingles roof Granada Hills

Best Solar Panel Installation in Granada Hills CA

Without an energy source, the world will be like a black slate without any glimpse of light helping us to see through shadows. Having an excellent source or electricity is very important especially that most of our daily activities and everyday routine depends greatly on the aid of electricity.Granada Hills best solar power system

How can you watch your favorite TV show, charge your smartphones, wash your laundry and all other important stuff if there is no electricity to back up your appliances, gadget and more. Our modern world will never function without electricity. However, one of the downside that battles electricity is the inevitable power outage.

Our day-to-day work will be greatly affected if there is no sufficient energy source to run the major components of our household. And it might be very expensive to use fuel-based generators to reinforce your household needs.

If you do not want to suffer from the inescapable effect of a power outage, or you want to have an uninterruptible supply of electricity yet without getting too much cost from paying your monthly electric bill, then it is a good time for you to use a solar panel system as your source of panels company in Granada Hills

The solar panel does not emit any harmful gasses like fuel-based generators do, nor uses any chemical or heavy metals to operate. Moreover, it is much cheaper and is more efficient which only needs solar energy to generate electricity (heat energy). Once you already decided to install a complete solar panel system for your home, then you have the best services at Solar Panels Granada Hills CA.

Everything you need in one place

Solar Panels Granada Hills CA has everything that you need to power your private establishment and home with natural and clean solar energy. Starting from your solar panel installation, permitting, designing & system maintenance, we can definitely handle it all at once! We also have the various latest equipment and high-end devices necessary for the installation processes.Granada Hills solar power energy

You can also guarantee the efficiency of our service as proven on our vast experiences in the field/industry, and also proven to our license and ample amount of training to conduct such job. The workforce had also undergone to appropriate and high-standard training, therefore you can ensure that the quality of our work was being carried out properly.

You can also guarantee the efficiency of our service as proven on our vast experiences in the field/industry, and also proven to our license and ample amount of training to conduct such job. The workforce had also undergone to appropriate and high-standard training. Therefore you can ensure that the quality of our work was being carried out properly.

If you are still on stuck on the process of decision-making, there are various Solar Companies in Granada Hills CA, highly capable of providing the best services in terms of solar panel installation & services. You just have to look for the best one, which you think, is worth your trust and investment. Make your smart choice and get numerous benefits out of having a solar panel for your homes. This might be the start of your journey towards an energy efficient way of living.

          solar panels installation in Granada Hills       solar power company near Granada Hills

Best Rain Gutters Company in Granada Hills CA

Gutters are one of the most overlooked parts of a home yet very important component in protecting our overall household. Aside from defending your home from possible water leakage, gutters also define the overall health of your abode.Granada Hills seamless rain gutters installation

Without a proper gutter installed in your homes, it may be hard for you to clean and fix the damages caused by rainwaters. In fact, your rain gutters work hard for you and your home’s welfare all year round, melting snow from roofs and diverting water when heavy rain strikes. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to fix our gutters due to the busy schedule and hectic daily routine. If you are on the same boat like many people do, then hiring Rain Gutters Granada Hills CA can be the best choice for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for our service:

Foundation problems of your home can be preventedseamless rain gutters company in Granada Hills

One of the very annoying downsides of rainwaters is the chance of accumulating leakage, flooding and encourages the growth of molds within and outside your abode. However, if you have a well-designed and functional gutter to direct and collect rainwaters away from your home, you can definitely prevent these changes and problems to happen. Rain Gutters Granada Hills CA has the best services in terms of installing an excellent rain gutter system. Whatever materials you might require for your gutters, be it galvanized steel, copper, painted steel, PVC, concrete, cast iron and other materials, we can expertly carry out the installation in the highest quality that you deserve.

Preserve turf and landscapingbest rain gutters in Granada Hills

Rain commonly damages landscaping around our homes and sometimes causing us to spend for its restoration or creating a new one. But if you have a gutter installed on your roof, you can surely prevent the effect of runoff and splash-back of rain waters that damages your decks, turfs, and landscaping. It only takes an expert help from Rain Gutters Granada Hills CA to solve your problem. You can also save more money and energy from having your landscape and turfs restored after the destruction of rainwaters.

Eliminates the growth of moldslocal Granada Hills rain gutters

Molds typically accumulate in moist and dark areas of your homes. It means, if water is leaking or reaching on this dark portion of household, there is also a tendency these molds to accumulate on the area. Isn’t it very unhygienic to have mold residing inside your homes? To prevent their growth, you must have a properly installed gutter to eliminate the possibility of leakage and prevent waters to run off your home’s surfaces where mold can live.

If you take your home’s gutter for granted, you are also exposing your premise to various negative effects of rainwaters. If you want to ensure the overall health of your home, make sure to prioritize the condition of your gutters. Your Rain Gutters Granada Hills CA is just at the reach of your hands whenever you need our expert help.                                                                                               top rain gutter service Granada Hills  downspout company   

Best Skylights in Granada Hills CA

Having a house is definitely one of the best things to happen in your life. If you want to attain an energy-efficient and fashionable house, you can consider taking the skylight type of roofing.

These types of roofs provide a great amount of energy savings, as it both allows the free flow of daylight and proper ventilation. One of the top providers of skylights is Skylight Installation Granada Hills CA. We are integrating the best technology in this generation to provide excellence to our respected customers.Granada Hills skylight windows company

What to Expect From Skylight Installation Granada Hills

With the help of our skylight roof Granada Hills CA technicians, we are able to increase our reputation and skills in this industry. Through the trust vested to us by our customers, we are able to learn different concepts and styles in the process of selection, installation, and maintenance of the skylight. If you want to experience a high degree of energy savings and stylish look of the roof, then call us today and let us work on your dreams.

With the assistance of our skylight roof Granada Hills CA technicians, you might enjoy the various options that are going to be presented to you. The variety of shapes and designs might also inspire you every time that you will look on your unique roof. You will then realize the value that we are serving in this industry, which makes our clients happy and satisfied.

Here at Skylight Installation Granada Hills CA, we always ensure that the only thing our consumers will take are only those that they deserve, with a big priority on satisfaction. Providing them the top quality skylight roof Granada Hills CA services for a very competitive price makes us a unique company.skylight contractor in Granada Hills

We know and understand how it is hard to earn money that is why; we put a high value on this by giving them only the best. From the initial process of inspection, selection, installation, and even maintenance of the skylight roof, you can ensure that we will always be there to help you.

Contacting Skylight Installation Granada Hills CA is now made easier and convenient, as there are different methods that you can take to inform us of your interest. You can contact us by sending us an email, giving us a direct call on our numbers, or you can visit our website.

Visiting our site also gives you the chance to discover other great services and opportunities that we provide. You can also expect to have a quality experience with our services since our materials used are known for its safety and quality. Therefore, give your house the kind of design that will make you the center of attraction in your community.

 Granada Hills skylight  skylight installers near  Granada Hills

Best Attic Insulation in Granada Hills CA

There are some residential and even commercial owners who have no idea about the amazing benefits of attic insulation in keeping them from the discomfort brought by extreme hotness and coldness brought by season or weather.

As a result, we are left with the idea of relying on our air conditioning or air heater while leaving them with increasing payment of our electric bills. Good thing that people can already with the great functionality of attic insulation that will surely create an amazing difference when it comes to keeping yourself comfortable inside your home in spite of the extreme temperature outside your commercial and residential establishments.attic insulation Granada Hills

To maximize the great benefit of attic insulation, it is best to consider the best company that will give you best services of such field of work. With such kind of need, Attic Insulation Granada Hills CA is the best for you.

Our company has already earned the loyalty of people in Granada Hills CA simply because of the company workflow that our company observes in our entire business.

We ready to start your project today! 

Attic Insulation Granada Hills CA considers that our manner of managing the business as well as employees lead them in giving quality kind of service that our customers deserve to experience. We make sure that all the demands, as well as needs of our customers, are highly meet and as much as possible to exceed our expectations.

We always have a regular inventory of our equipment and other tools that we use in order to fully give the best service that our customers need to experience.

Also, the company provides assurance that we will only use top of the line materials for our attic insulation. We do not just use any products that will compromise the quality of service that we want to give to our customers.Granada Hills insulation contractor

Attic Insulation Granada Hills CA is also putting great importance with our manner of choosing for qualified technicians as well as staffs who will do any task provided by the company.

We prepare seriously of tests or examinations, theoretical and practical to test the abilities of our technicians in doing any tasks related to attic insulation. After that, we need to pass in panel interview so we will be thoroughly screened for the job intended for them. As soon as we become qualify, the company is providing training to improve our skills and abilities.

With these managerial initiatives and company workflow, orderly and immediacy will be highly observed resulting in quality services. Upon knowing these things, there is no need to think twice about considering with our company.

It will be a great mistake for not considering Attic Insulation Granada Hills CA as your top choice; you will surely miss the opportunity to enjoy qualified services with the company.

Having known about these things, you have probably no reason not to consider Attic Insulation Granada Hills CA to be your best buddy and partner in attic insulation. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now!

     attic insulation service Granada Hills       Granada Hills radiant barrier attic insulation

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