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A+ service

We have been having problems with broken tiles and leaks with our roof in the past weeks. While looking for a roofing contractor in Encino CA, we came across your company, which we saw had a lot of great reviews. We decided to try your service and we couldn't be happier with the result. The contractors were all professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They also really like to share information while repairing our roof, which we appreciate. Seeing the result of our roof after repair, we are sure we will use your roofing contractors again.
- Stephen Gill

I got my quote on the web!

Scheduling with this roofing contractor in Encino CA is super easy. We called them late and spoke with a nice, friendly man who scheduled for a checkup of our roof the next day. The day after, a contractor came to our house and spent hours on our roof, checking it for any damages. I like the dedication and the non-pushy they offered their roofing services. It's a great company with hard working, honest and communicative workers always ready to help homeowners in their roof problems.
- Alison Miller

They will take on any challenge

It was a different company that fixed our roof the first time it was installed a few years ago, but when we needed maintenance, we couldn't contact the original roofing company. We thought it best to hire a new one and we set out to look for the best roof repair in Encino CA. We found one we believe is an excellent choice and we weren't wrong. Your roofing contractors were the best crew, friendly and easy to talk to, as we're able to ask about concerns comfortably. We never felt pressure the whole time. Instead, they gave us options and quotes so we can decide ourselves. We decided to hire them for maintenance in the end and probably hire them again.
- Rachel Taylor

This group of techs are trusted experts

Out of any Encino roofing company, I think yours were the only one to give me the best quote. I saw all the good reviews, experienced the quick service and paid competitive, no hidden cost payment for the repair. I'd say your company was one of the best services I used before, one I would love to use again in the future.
- Jonathan Howard

Super happy!

A while ago, we had a bad roof leak. From the start, we had Top Roofing Contractor to look the problem and we're glad we did. After the roof repair, we can Top Roofing really was the best roof repair in Encino CA. From the initial inspection up to clean up, their roofing contractors were great. The customer service was excellent, the phone operator reliable, responsive and communicative. And the roofer? He came right on time and the only one who took the time to go through the problem areas of my roof. This was the only roofing contractor that made an impression with us, making us feel confident that we are in safe hands. At any other time, we are sure we'll hire their contractors for any other roofing problem we encounter.
- Alison Young

Super friendy!!

I had a great experience working with Top Roofing Encino CA roofing company. Their roofer was fantastic and easy to deal with. He explained to me all the details of the job, important and mundane. He is also one of the few contractors I worked with to actually point out what is actually wrong with my roof, instead of just saying there is. He was very communicative, professional and prompt, pointing out and addressing my roof issues, even those I haven't even foreseen. He fixed and replaced the sections of my roof leaving me a roof that's waterproof, beautiful and looking almost as new as before, all at a competitive price.
- Matt Murray

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Best Roof Repair in Encino CA

The roofs are providing two very essential functions for your business and in your home. The first thing is that they are protecting us, and our belongings from the harsh weather. The roof is certainly sheltering use from snow, wind, rain, and all kinds of weather, but they are also providing significant structural support to your home or building.Best Encino roof repair

Moreover, replacements and repairs usually come at a considerable expense. Depending on the kind of roof that you have for your home or building, the reason you need repairs or replacement, and some other factors, will vary. Knowing the factors affecting your estimate of Roofing will help you to hire the right roofing company, and save you time and money.

Local Regulations

As with any renovation or construction job, the local authorities will be requiring permits. The location where you live may have an impact on the repair or replacement cost. Sometimes, permits are based on a flat rate in your region, or it can be contingent on the value or size of your home.

Roof TypeEncino flat roof replacement

There are various kinds of roof, even if they are only considering the residential Roofing Encino CA. From the shed roofs and flat roofs all the way to the mansard roofs, hipped roofs, and gabled roofs, there is a large variety of roof types. Your type of roof can also be constructed from a large variety of materials, which include metal, tile, or asphalt shingle. Depending on the materials involved and the type of roof, the cost may vary for every square foot.

Extent of Damage

Another factor affecting the Roof Repair Encino CA cost is the extent of the damage. Some minor leaks limited to one area of your roof are less costly and easier to fix. Similarly, if there is some minor damage to the roofing fixtures that can be repaired easily, your roofing estimate will be more conservative. However, if you have some extensive damage caused by water, your roof’s structure can be compromised. Your roofer will not be able to patch the leak, and then leaving it like that. Rather, major construction will be needed since the water damage can affect a bigger area than you realize. For you to be able to protect your home, your family, and your belongings, all the water damaged material will need to be replaced and flat roof company Encino


A minor repair will cost less considerably, as compared to a replacement. As a matter of fact, the size of your roof and the size of repair are one of the biggest factor influencing your estimate for roof repairs. Roofing Encino CA will quote replacement and repairs generally based on the square footage, so a smaller roofing repair will cost less as compared to a larger roofing repair.

Roofing Fixtures

Generally, more roofing fixtures are associated with higher repair costs. Skylights, chimneys, and some other fixtures are going to complicate repairs, especially if these fixtures will need repair or replacement. There are many factors, which affect the cost of the roofing replacement or repair. That being said, the estimates vary depending on the features of your roof. As a matter of fact, the roofing estimates will vary depending on the Roofing Encino CA, too.

    tile roof in Encino asphalt shingles roof Encino

Best Solar Panel Installation in Encino CA

The solar power and panel installers are professionals that you can hire for the installation of systems and panels when you don’t have enough knowledge to do the job with yourself or you don’t want to commit mistakes, which professionals know how to avoid.Encino best solar power system

Professionals from Solar Panels Encino CA have enough experience and skills needed with regards to roofing, building and electrical work. There are some Solar Companies in Encino CA that requires more money however the peace of mind that you will get in the long run is truly priceless. We will exert more effort to ensure that our expertise in this matter will be worth it.

People can get lots of benefits from installing solar panels. When you think of buying solar panels and other materials and hiring professional installers from Solar Panels Encino CA, you will be required to secure more money however if you are going to think of the benefits that you could get in the long run, you would realize the amount you had for the installation are all worth it.

Some of the benefits that you can get from installing solar panels are as follows:solar panels company in Encino

You can save thousands of dollars – According to the experts, by means of installing solar panels in your house; you will be able to have lots of savings. After the installers finished our job, you can now start saving since you will no longer need the power supplied by the real electricity. With solar panels, you can save money, power, and energy.

It increases the home value – Purchasing a house with built-in solar panels can lower electricity cost. It also creates a bigger impact on the market, likewise to homes with lower property taxes, homes with great home energy ratings and homes near the school district. If your house is installed with solar panels, you will not find any difficulty in looking for a qualified buyer.

Solar is a good investment – Most utility companies become notorious with unreliable and fluctuating electricity prices. We have discovered a clear upward trend with this issue. But through solar panels as well as simple math, it will be easier for the consumers to compute the exact amount of the generated electricity.Encino solar power energy

It comes with guaranteed performance – The solar panel manufacturers have included 20-25 years of warranty into our solar panels or known as a performance guarantee. Consumers can have the assurance that the solar panel installed on our roof will perform according to what has been expected.

It can save the environment – Majority of the consumers prefer to use solar power since it creates good sense from our financial point of view. With this, environmental benefits are also worth mentioning. Consumers can lower the usage of carbon footprint through replacing our utility power with cleaner electricity generated from solar panels. These are the top benefits that consumers can get when choose to use solar power coming from solar panels. If you want to experience these benefits, you can call Solar Panels Encino CA for the installation of panels in your house.

     solar panels installation in Encino  solar power company near Encino

Best Rain Gutters Installation in Encino CA

When the rain pours hard, the foundation of your house is greatly affected? It is because of the fact that when water enters into the sidingEncino seamless rain gutters installation of your house and the materials used for the construction gets softer and weaker due to stocked water, there is a tendency that the life expectancy of your house might become shorter.

So to prevent this, there is a need for you to install rain gutters will carry the rainwater away from the sidings and foundation of your house. Rain Gutters Encino CA is one of the companies that you can trust on when it comes to rain gutter installation.

Hiring professionals from Rain Gutters Encino CA will provide you and your house or property with lots of benefits. Though you will be required to purchase this material and you need to pay the service providers,seamless rain gutters company in Encino however, in the long run, you will notice that everything is worth it.

The following are the benefits that can get once you hire installers from Rain Gutters Encino CA to take charge of your rain gutter:

House stays neater – The water that falls into the edge of the roof can squelch dirt into the lower part of the exterior walls when it strikes into the ground. This can harm your flowers and weak shrubs or break mulch. But through rain gutters, the water will fall into the area further from the edge of your house.

People stay dryer – The rain gutters prevent the water from flowing into the roofs and all over the housebest rain gutters in Encino and porch. Gutters help in keeping people dry when they enter and quickly leave the house. Even light rainfall can make a sheet of water which runs off into the edge of the roof.

Rain Gutters helps prevent rot – Homes built without gutters are more likely to suffer from wood rot on soffit and fascia as the water that exits the roof finds an opening into the caulking and paint. Properly installed and maintained rain gutters helps in keeping away the water from the wood and funnel it directly into the ground.

Helps prevent erosion – The water which falls from the rooftop should go somewhere. With heavy rain, thelocal Encino rain gutters higher volume of water that flows away into your home can erode the dirt that surrounds it; this might cause ponding in your yard and lead into the damaged grass and muddy soil.

Keep foundations stable – If there will be no water that will be stocked near the foundation of your house, you can have the assurance that your investments are still secured. These are just a few of the benefits that you can get when you ask Rain Gutters Encino CA to install gutters in your house. Rain gutters are truly beneficial as this will not only keep your house and investments safe but as well as your life. If you can’t do the installation, one call from Encino Rain Gutters is already enough. You just need to be optimistic enough and think of the things that will make your life wonderful.

  top rain gutter service Encino downspout company

Best Skylights in Encino CA

Skylights are recognized as a unique feature for any type of property- may it be commercial or residential. Businesses and homes withEncino skylight windows company skylights typically benefit from higher property value. Such property also tends to sell much faster on real estate marketplace. Similarly, those who have installed skylights as part of the home renovation will also reap a plethora of benefits such as more comfortable and beautiful shelter.

However, when the skylight is mounted or installed erroneously, it may result in myriad or concerns for property owners such as uncomfortable heat, significant glare, and the possibility of water leakage to name some. If you are residing or located within Encino, CA areas and is toying around the idea of installing skylight to enhance the aesthetic and function of your property, then local Skylight Installation Encino CA can help you with it.skylight contractor in Encino

We are working closely with designers and manufacturers for years to address the common issues regarding the tedious and challenging installation of skylights. We guarantee to deliver skylight roof Encino, CA services that can please even the hardest to please customers. As skylight roof installation experts, our main goal is to give you a breathtaking addition to your home or office that will surely become a conversation starter for the coming years.

Why Skylights?

Recent studies have revealed that more than half of individuals looking forward to owning a home perceive skylights as either essential orEncino skylight desirable. Around 2/3 of homeowners, on the other hand, have reported requesting for a more open, spacious room and more lights. All of which can be brought in by skylights which has the ability to make illusions of larger rooms while filling the indoors with natural outdoor lights.

With properties often constructed on smaller lots, the vast majority of people are somehow forced to reside in close proximity which often results in less privacy. But this dilemma is often alleviated by skylights. With a skylight, your property will more likely to look spacious while still enjoying exclusivity.

In addition, adding skylight can significantly reduce the energy costs through cutting down theskylight installers near  Encino commercial energy consumption without sacrificing the lighting at home. Skylights enable the natural light to pass through and lighten up the indoors. So you don’t need to turn on your lightbulbs during daytime especially in dark rooms of your home.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend lump sum for installation cost. Skylights have relatively revolved for the past few years, making it more cost-effective than before. Meaning to say, it is more accessible nowadays. The installation cost isn’t a problem anymore. Furthermore, more innovative skylights are becoming more energy efficient and often include innovative features.

A skylight is always a good investment. Regardless of your skylight Desires, Skylight Installation Encino CA reliable professionals can help you install the perfect skylights that fit your specific needs. So if you want to have skylight roof Encino, CA or have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and see for yourself what we can offer!

Best Attic Insulation in Encino CA

So you say that you are thinking about having a new insulation for your attic? Are puzzled about how you are going to choose the right atticattic insulation Encino insulation system for your home? If you just said yes to that, you need not worry about any of these anymore. Attic Insulation Encino CA has the best answers to your questions. Read on to know more about it.

Here are some of the most essential factors to consider when choosing a new insulation for your attic:


This is basic yet absolutely important. You do not just install anything in your attic to serve as insulators. In case you do not know, there are several insulation materials that Attic Insulation Encino CA uses. These include the following:Encino insulation contractor

Foam blocks or foam boards
Mineral wool (slag or rock)
Most of the lightweight attic insulation materials nowadays are made up of fiberglass. Such material has been considered a perfect choice for those who want an excellent protection against sunlight. With these materials, you can make sure of longevity in spite of the rigorous weather.

Longevityattic insulation service Encino

This factor should be one of your priorities in choosing new attic insulation for your house. You have to keep in mind that your attic insulation should not only look elegant but also has a high level of durability against the extreme weather conditions. In other words, it has to be long-lasting. There can be a lot of attic insulation companies out there that promise compelling deals. If you want to be sure however that you are not making a wrong decision, you should let Attic Insulation Encino CA handle this kind of project.


Let’s face it. Sometimes, price means everything. As a wise consumer, it is understood that you are always looking for money-saving deals. Well, you do have to worry much about this because attic insulation projects are not as expensive as you think they are. You may check the price lists for this type of home project offered by us. You will see that attic insulation can be both world-class and budget-friendly.

DesignEncino radiant barrier attic insulation

Of course, you want your attic to become stylish too. This is the reason why you should be considering a company that is known for aesthetically-designed attic insulation works. When choosing insulation for your attic, you have to opt for the insulation products that complement the overall architectural design of your house. It is also highly suggested to allow a pre-test process to determine the most suitable designs that will fit the interior of your home.

These days, where the threat of global warming continuously heightens, attic insulation is no longer a miscellaneous project. This will help protect your family and anyone or anything inside your house from the adversity of extreme weather conditions. For the top of the line attic insulation services, contact Attic Insulation Encino CA right away.

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