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Great job

Top Roofing Contractor has been such a wonderful roofing contractor in El Monte CA. After a recent storm breaking out, our roof suffered a major leakage that seriously needs immediate attention. So we spoke with a few roofing companies but were not impressed with the quote they provided nor do their customer service, all except Top Roofing Contractor. From the first time that I called until clean up, Top Roofing has done great in helping fix my roof. Responsible, prompt and professional, we were lucky in hiring them.
- Virginia Marshall

Easy solutions, great prices

Whenever you're hiring a contractor, you just can't help being nervous. You need to be extra careful and cautious about people you let in your house and I was that when I'm looking for El Monte CA roofing company. I want only the roofing contractors I can trust and will deliver I as expected. It's just I've been burned twice with companies that end with me ripped off. I am, however, extremely pleased with Top Roofing Contractor's roofer who took care of my roof problem, make it beautiful and waterproof and shiny at a fair price.
- Michelle Pullman

Outstanding work 🙂

I have the flat roof that just keeps getting a leak. The first time I had this problem, I called Top Roofing Contractor, hoping they can fix my problem. They did. They were the first time I asked for help and they were awesome as I hoped that I never looked back again. Their roofer was by far the best, honest and most professional out of any guy to come for an estimate. Since Top Roofing fixed my roof, it hasn't had any leaks and that's what I call the best roof repair in El Monte CA.
- Michelle Gray

Super secure and strong roofs

Top Roofing Contractor's crew did such a great job in completing a replacement of my roof. Their roofer was prompt, friendly and nice to talk to. Before starting the job, he explained everything to me, which I much appreciate. He never once was shy about sharing information, about their services, the materials they use, their people. I have worked in the same like before so I knew the best El Monte CA roofing company and Top Roofing Contractor is certainly one of them.
- Julia Manning

Our lovely new roof gets us noticed

My roof hasn't been reached a decade yet but it developed leaks a while back. So, I called a roofing contractor in El Monte CA and they evaluated it, told me my whole roof needed replacement. I couldn't really believe that since they didn't even went to see my roof, see what's wrong with it. They gave me nothing but long sales pitch that wasn't anything impressive. Then I found Top Roofing Contractor while I was searching the net. They have top reviews that made me decide to try it out. They were responsive and quick to help. I don't have anything to say about their work but thanks, you're a big help.
- Bernadette Lee

A sure thing

My roof was leaky and I needed help from the best roof repair in El Monte CA. I called Top Roofing Contractor, made an appointment and arranged for my roof to be fixed as soon as possible. The rainy season was nearing and I really don't want to deal with leaky roof. Thankfully, Top Roofing was extremely reliable, having my roof scheduled for checkup right the day after. Once their roofer assessed my roof, he gave me a fair estimate of what it would cost. I thought my roof, which needed more than repair, would cost a lot but surprisingly it didn't. Thank you Top Roofing Contractor for cheap but quality roofing repair you've provided me.
- Rachel King

Bonded professionals

We had roofing emergency that Top Roofing Contractor took very quick for us. One call and they swift to send in their reliable crew, taking care of our roof problem in just one fell swoop. Thanks to this reliable El Monte CA roofing company we didn't have to deal with leaky roof for a long time.
- Phil Grant

El Monte CA customer reviews
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

Best Roof Repair in El Monte CA

An emergency is a situation calling for drastic measures. A roof that has suffered damage because of tornado-like cases storms, heavy rains, hail, and many more, sometimes classify for this type of Roof Repair El Monte CA. The roof is one of the most significant parts of your house, other than the people living inside.Best El Monte roof repair

A damaged roof will affect directly the stability of the whole house structure and it is a cause, which needs prompt action. An extreme condition of weather is more usually the cause of roof’s emergency repair. Care needs to be taken when you decide upon the place and time to begin the repair. If help is available, you need to make use of it.

In some conditions in which emergency repair has been warranted, it would be best that you make use of an experienced and trained Roofing El Monte CA instead of trying the stunt of doing it yourself. It is recommended that you wait until the extreme weather conditions would pass and then the situation is conducive to initiating the repair instead of straight away.

You may rather do more damage than having your roof be repaired. You can also be swept away by the winds or you can be struck by lightning. A roof inspection is another important activity that you need have before you initiate the repair. It should be done under the favorable weather condition and enough light; it will be best for a sunny day.El Monte flat roof replacement

Roofing issues you can deal by yourself:

Nonetheless, not all of the emergency Roof Repair El Monte CA is critical, and some non-professionals may also be doing it. These are the troubleshooting that you need to undertake and have the roofing company do the permanent repair jobs. With that, you need to know the roofing guidelines to help you in doing the temporary job before the roofing service arrived.

You need to control the water that seeps in. This water is going to damage the internal structure, and can probably be a source for more damage on the roof if it is not checked early enough.
Remove any water puddles or some stagnant formation of water from the roof of your home. This can be a primary cause of a damaged roof.
Use proper materials in plugging the leak based on the kind of material and roof used in the flat roof company El Monte
You should locate the exact source of the leak. The leak can actually be at another location from where you indicated the internal inspection.
The material used when you need to troubleshoot your roof before the Roofing team arrives may include sealants, duct tape, rubber sheets, and tarps. They will act as the stopgap arrangements where a more permanent repair will be undertaken at a later date and time by the professional roofing service.

Care needs to be taken when doing the initial repair while waiting for Roofing El Monte CA so that any unattached part of your roofs such as asphalt, shingle or a strip of wood or iron will not loosely lie around during the repair. The windy condition may cause it to strike the roofing repair company.

   tile roof in El Monte asphalt shingles roof El Monte

Best Solar Panel Installation in El Monte CA

Do you want to start saving energy? Well if that is so, there is a need for you to install solar panels in your house. Solar-thermal andEl Monte best solar power system photovoltaic panels have the capabilities to generate electricity for free through converting sunlight to electricity or through transferring the heat of the sun to ventilation and heating systems.

The utilization of solar panels in order to generate energy offers lots of benefits that include the reduction of costs associated with electricity.

Installing solar panel is not that easy, the same with choosing from among the Solar Companies in El Monte CA. These companies offer the same service however when it comes to quality and price, there is only one company that stands out, Solar Panels El Monte CA.

The solar panels installers will provide you the assurance that the solar panels will be installed properly. When it comes to installing solar panels, the company is guided by the correct process. Below is the Installation Process, we follow:solar panels company in El Monte

You need to fill out the solar panels installation form so that the company will be provided with basic information about your home, contact information and the proposed location of the solar panels.

Information Gathering

The installer from Solar Panels El Monte CA will call you to ask for more information or clarify something regarding your solar panels installation service.

The installers will go to your house for the on-site visit and we will also assess the proposed location for the installation of solar panels. The installers will also take measurements to ensure the measurement off the roof will be accurate with the measurement of the solar panels. And if you have any question about the installation, we will answer it enthusiastically.

The installers will provide you with the detailed installation proposal. The proposal is composed of the applicable rebates, coming from El Monte, state as well as federal energy tax credits. And you need to sign the contract.

Solar Panels El Monte CA Installation BeginsEl Monte solar power energy

The typical installation of solar panels will take about 2 to 4 days right after the equipment and solar panels have arrived. The installation of solar panels usually needs 2 to 3 El Monte installers’ working together in order to complete and finish the job within the allotted time frame. We will work for hand in hand to ensure that the solar panels have been installed properly. We will arrive at your area ready and prepared to do our job correctly.

The typical installation of solar panels will take about 2 to 4 days right after the equipment and solar panels have arrived. The installation of solar panels usually needs 2 to 3 El Monte installers’ working together in order to complete and finish the job within the allotted time frame. We will work for hand in hand to ensure that the solar panels have been installed properly. We will arrive at your area ready and prepared to do our job correctly.

Despite the fact the there are lots of Solar Companies in the area you can still find who among them can give you what you need. Make sure that you are dealing with the right person. Call us if you wish to save energy.

  solar panels installation in El Monte solar power company near El Monte

Best Rain Gutters Installation in El Monte CA

Rain gutters play a very important role in ensuring that your house is protected against the harmful effects of water. If the rain guttersEl Monte seamless rain gutters installation installed in your house are already too old, has missing parts or greatly damage, then you are now risking damage to your house.

These consequences will hinder the gutter from functioning well and in doing what is expected for the tool to do, which is to divert water away from the edges of your house. Also, saturated and wet ground produces the host of problems. Fortunately, there is a company that can help you reduce your problem and that is Rain Gutters El Monte CA.

At Rain Gutters El Monte CA, we are maintaining a very high standard in every job that we do. We greatlyseamless rain gutters company in El Monte do value the confidence of our customers of trusting them that is why we also exert more effort in exchange for our trust. We do and give our best in order to make sure that our accomplished job is something we can be proud of.

we have professional and expert installers who use advanced tools and equipment for every project. Aside from that, the company also make sure that we will easily respond to the calls and queries of our customers with regards to rain gutters. We have been in the business industry for long years and we have already provided lots of customers, making them more reliable and trustworthy. With keen eye over the details needed in every project, every project will end up perfectly.

Rain Gutter Cleaningbest rain gutters in El Monte

Maintaining trouble-free operation in your rain gutter is not that easy that is the company is here to help you. To maintain the good function of your rain gutter, it is a must that the rain gutter system is cleaned regularly and maintained even twice a year. Failure to clean maintain rain gutters regularly will surely lead to accumulated leaves and debris inside, which then causes the gutter to stop functioning well.

This will also lead into decaying or be rotting of fascia boards of the house, damage into the foundation, and water damage into the sidings of your house as well as termite problems. With our Rain Gutters, we local El Monte rain gutterswill not only remove the leaves and debris from the rain gutters and roof of your house but we will also make sure that the downspouts are functioning at peak efficiency.

we will also check the roof’s condition to ensure that you are still 100% protected. We will inform you about our findings so that when problems have been detected, you can easily make solutions for your house.

Rain Gutters El Monte CA knows that your home is too much value to risk such costly water damage. When problems like this occur, you don’t have to panic because professionals from EL Monte CA will provide you the best solution. We will help you in cleaning your rain gutter and roof in order to make sure that rainwater will not be the reason for lost investment.

           top rain gutter service El Monte      downspout company

Best Skylights in El Monte CA

Do you think that skylights add value to your home? It does and not many people realize that. The problem is that the people who get skylights installed often get swindled by sloppy workmanship on our skylights roofing. This makes it crucial to choose the right skylights roofing El Monte CA service provider with comprehensive services.El Monte skylight windows company

A reliable service provider of skylights roofing has to be the contractor that can offer comprehensive skylights services. We are professional contractors who come out, assess and install your skylight roofing right the first time. We take our customers seriously with customer expectations the first and foremost of our concerns.

Benefits of Skylights Roofing

Having a skylights roofing offers you a number of benefits. First of all, a skylight adds value to your home. Additionally, skylight roofing is a good way of having natural light in your room especially when it is prone to being dark. At the same time, it makes a good feature to have a skylight in your bathroom especially over the tubs. It’s also a good idea to have a skylight in your kitchen or in the living areas.

Being able to see the sky during the day or night gives somewhat of a special feeling. At night, you can watch the stars as you go to sleep. Isn’t that a wonderful experience? If you are worried about too much light passing into the room, there areEl Monte skylight blinds and shades specifically designed for skylights to control the light that filters into the room. With these, it makes skylights a bit more efficient than your regular windows.

Skylights roofing is able to offer you up to 20 times the lighting which makes it really energy efficient if it’s installed properly. This way, you are able to save money as you don’t have to use electric lights since your room is lit up by natural light. Moreover, if you choose the right skylight roofing service provider to properly install the skylight, the cool and hot air from your home will not escape. At the same time, you will know that rain will not leak as well.

With skylight roofing professionals, you can rest assured that you will never have anything to worry about. The experts understand your needs and are committed to bringing you the best experience when it comes to skylight roofing. To ensure that, we use state of the art technology along with the experience of highly trained skylight technicians.

This way we guarantee you that the job is done right the first time. So don’t hesitate now and effectively increase the value of your home by having a skylight installed. If you are not sure what to do, you can always call your choice of a skylight roofing El Monte CA experts. Skylights Roofing El Monte CA is always happy to assist you in any way we can.

           skylight installers near  El Monte      skylight contractor in El Monte


Best Attic Insulation in El Monte CA

Attic insulation is one of the major concerns of almost all homeowners out there, as it is very important in keeping a home comfortably coolattic insulation El Monte during the summer season and warm during the coolest months. In addition to that, it also plays a very huge role in cutting the energy bills, which is very advantageous to the homeowners.

If you are looking for the best Attic Insulation services that can effectively meet your attic insulation needs, then we can be the right company that you are looking for. We are a company here in El Monte CA that offers only the state of the art products that you will surely find worthy of your trust.

Whenever you need a professional company to give you a hand with your insulation needs, you can always call our company. We are more than ready to be of help to you. Our trustworthy staff willEl Monte insulation contractor then determine the type of attic insulation services that you need in order to reduce the possible costs based on the evaluation of your residential or commercial property. With this, we assure you that you can effectively reduce or cut your energy costs while conserving energy.

Our company, which you can find as one of the best Attic Insulation companies in El Monte CA service providers in the industry, offers a wide range of types of insulation services aside from attic insulation services, such windows and garages for residential and commercial properties.

The following are the attic insulation services that we offer:attic insulation service El Monte

R-Value insulation- this is one of the things that we take pride in our Attic Insulation services. With this type of attic insulation service, you are 100% assured that you can have an attic that is exceptional in terms of strength, something that you can have for many years to come.
Solar vents- this is very beneficial because you can effectively eliminate mildew and mold because these vents are great for eradicating such problems. In addition to that, they are also very quiet, aside from being a reliable source of excellent ventilation.
Rigid Attic insulation- another Attic Insulation services you will find absolutely beneficial. It is perfect for energy maximization while keeping the room hot or cold air right from the walls.
Cellulose attic insulation- such type of insulation is primarily used between the exterior and interior walls for buildings and homes. It isEl Monte radiant barrier attic insulation also very advantageous to have because it features fire resistance.

Our company has been here in the industry for many years now providing only the highest quality Attic Insulation El Monte CA services and products in the city and nearby areas. Through the years, our company is one of the most trusted companies that are called by homeowners most of the time to help them with their insulating needs.

Our reliable services are already tested and proven through the years. There is no any wonder with that because our company is a leading one in terms of Attic Insulation El Monte CA services for we are composed only of a team of competent professionals with an extensive experience in terms of installation of high-quality insulation services.

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