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  • Seamless rain gutters
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  • Solar panel systems
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  • Reduce bill up to 55%
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  • Roof and Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation system
  • Improve energy efficiency
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I got my quote online!

When it comes to trusted roofing contractor in Duarte CA, I know I could trust Top Roofing Contractor. I trusted them for the roofing project of my new house and they are as reliable as I expected. Top Roofing Contractor has every choice of roofs, whether tile, shingles or flat roofs along with every kind of roofing service. Inspection, roof repair, installation and maintenance, the moment they showed excellent results with my roofing project, I know I have one place to go to for my needs.
- Tim Thomson

Our doors look absolutely stunning

I badly need new rain gutters for my roof but I couldn't decide which Duarte roofing company to hire. But my friend recommended Top Roofing Contractor, showed me their reviews that I have to admit inspires confidence. I looked through their site, which was nice and easy to navigate through. When it comes to their service, I have nothing bad to tell. They'd given me seamless rain gutter that I have nothing else to worry. Thanks for the good work Top Roofing Contractor!
- Joan Coleman

Made it look simple

Time was short for us and we really needed to ready our house for sell. We talked with other roofing companies but they all take at least 3 days just for a quote. Luckily, we found the best roof repair in Duarte CA, which were so easy to talk to regarding our roofing needs. We spoke to one of their guys and we had a quote right that afternoon. They completed the job within two days in an impressively smooth process. We thank Top Roofing Contractor for all their help in successfully roofing our house.
- Samantha Pullman

The service provided here is exemplary

I have used Top Roofing Contractor twice now and they were excellent both times. They were great, responsive and professional all the time. They had an inspector check my roof and gave me an estimate. The price was competitive and I can say he was realistic about when he'd finish fixing it. I always look for honesty in a roofing contractor in Duarte CA and Top Roofing Contractor gave me confidence to trust them. At first look, I can see their work is competent I'm sure I'd use their service again.
- Frank Mills

No complaints

My over 50 years old flat roof started leaking last month as I was looking for the best roof repair in Duarte CA, I came upon Top Roofing Contractor. They made my roof beautiful, waterproof and just the best roof again, all for a competitive price. It was nerve wracking to find the right roofing contractor because there were so many contractors here. I wasn't sure, if they were any good and if they're going to rip me off or what. I lucked out with Top Roofing Contractor and I'm happy to use their service again.
- Faith Hamilton

I improved the value of my home

Top Roofing Contractor's crew did a great job with installing our new roof. Out of all I called, they were the only Duarte CA roofing company to show me a quick service. I called and they were quick to respond, scheduling a job that suits our needs or time as well as following through our requests. They were prompt all the time, the crew taking care of our needs as they move forward with installing our new roof. We highly recommend Top Roofing Contractor for doing us a great job.
- Sean Walsh

I improved the value of my home

We were buying a new home and the home inspection reports said we should get a roofer. So I looked for a good Duarte CA roofing company and Top Roofing Contractor was one of the companies I checked. They were the best roofer I've ever experienced � prompt, polite, professional and truly competent. There wasn't any problem we'd come across dealing with them and that makes us feel confident hiring Top Roofing Contractor again.
- David Carr

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Best Roof Repair in Duarte CA

Roofing Duarte CA is a roofing company that is working hard on providing the best services in and all nearby areas. Our customers include consultation, restoration, and repair among so many others. We have decades of experience with a long list of satisfied customers to boot.

We created an excellent team of roof contractors, service professionals, and dispatcher in order to guarantee that our customers will experience hassle-free and enjoyable services. The company understands that the roofing problem of most of our customers are urgent and should be given immediate attention, so we are striving to provide the most convenient and the fastest roof repair Duarte CA.

we are providing all your roofing needs such as the following:Best Duarte roof repair

New roofs
Roof restoration
Roof repairs
Gutter installation
Gutter repair

Roofing Duarte CA is the best choice that you can have in terms of your roofing concerns to help you take care of your most expensive investment, which is your home. We are taking pride in themselves because we are working hard for our valuable customers to take them away from the feeling of fear and confusion that can overwhelm the improvement of the home project.Duarte flat roof replacement

For the best roofing system, Roofing Duarte CA is the one that you can trust and rely on. We are performing the most exceptional repair of roofs in the most incredible and affordable price. We have been repairing any kinds of roofs for several decades now and we have proven that we are trusted in diagnosing accurately the kind of roofing problem and provides the best and the most effective solution. The roof repair services that our company offers are always at the most reasonable price and it surely lasts a lifetime.

During the inspection that we are conducting, we are checking all the potential leakages that exist and take down note all the repairs that are required today and in the near future as well as to establish an overall roofing condition. At the end of the inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report that have all the details of findings that we have and our recommendations to flat roof company Duarte

Our roofing company is the factory supplier of GAF roofing system that suits all your roofing needs. We are well-recognized because of the excellent roofing quality that we have that offers protection to the home as well as on other belongings. We know how to do a proper installation of GAF roofing in order for you to enjoy long years of worry-free and beautiful protection.

So if you are a resident inside or around the area of Duarte in California and you noticed that there is something unusual in your roofing system, then you should not hesitate to call our roofing company. We will surely provide you with all your roofing needs in order for you to enjoy a hassle free and worry free living inside your home because you are protected.

   tile roof in Duarte asphalt shingles roof Duarte

Best Solar Panel Installation in Duarte CA

Solar panels are installed on building tops, rooftops, and stand-alone facilities. Installing solar panels is considered vital since it acquires the direct sun exposure. Solar panels help in converting solar energy into electricity allowing you to save much from the consumption of real electricity. It performs well most especially if it is placed in a location where direct sunlight usually falls.Duarte best solar power system

In installing solar panels, one must have enough skills and know-how with the process because if not, the solar panel will not function well. The solar systems of Solar Panels Duarte CA are consisting of a wide array of solar panels, inverter with the computerized solid-state controller and mounting system. Solar panels have the capability to directly generate DC electricity from sunlight. The inverter is responsible for converting the produced DC electricity into AC electricity, which is truly very useful at home. And the computerized controller can regulate solar power system and it also provides consumers with peak performance.

Solar Panels Installationsolar panels company in Duarte

For both commercial and residential customers, the best location to install roof panels is the roof. A roof has appropriate structural specifications needed for the solar panels. It has the complete hardware as well as appropriate flashing. However, if it happens that the roof panels are not applicable to the structure of your roof, there are also available mounting options that include ground-mount and shade awnings options. Solar Panels Duarte CA will make sure that everything regarding solar panels installation has been explained before we go on with the process.

Inverter InstallationDuarte solar power energy

An inverter is usually closed to the main panel whether outside or inside. The inverter is made through the use of solid-state-electronics and it truly performs well under cooler conditions. So to ensure consistency with its performance, the inverter must be located out of the afternoon sun. The best location to install inverter is near the main electric panel.

Installation Cost

Installing solar panels would take days before the homeowner begins saving power, energy, and money. When you hire Solar Panels Duartesolar panels installation in Duarte CA for the installation of the power saving panels, the installers can provide you the assurance that within 2 to 3 days of working on your roof, the project will now be completed. We will make sure that we will work for hand in hand just to finish our job with high quality.

As to the cost of our service, there are several factors to be considered. The cost of the service will be dependent upon your condition with the company and the wideness or area of your roof. Since not all houses have the same roof measurements, of course, the price will also vary. You can ask the installers about this issue when we go to your house for the measurement and roof inspection. Solar Panels Duarte CA is the company that you can you can always count on when it comes to solar panel installation. We will work with you to the best that we can and provide you the quality of service you want. Just call our company for information.

Best Rain Gutters Installation in Duarte CA

In most regions, downspouts and rain gutters are very important since it helps in collecting and carrying rainwater away. If a house does not have downspouts of rain gutters, there is a great tendency that the water will erode the soil around its foundation, leak into your crawlspaceseamless rain gutters company in Duarte or basement and splash dirt into the siding. Some people say that only those rich and professional individuals can have the chance to install rain gutters in our house since it cost a lot however through the help of Rain Gutters Duarte CA, you can also have rain gutter in your house. Also, if you wish to repair or replace the rain gutters, you can upgrade the overall look and performance of your rainwater system.

Rain Gutter Installation

We offer the best rain gutter installation in California. We always make sure that the installation will be done correctly and perfectly in order to avoid problems when rain pours. The company knows that when the rain gutters are properly installed in your house, the rainwater will be diverted away from your house whereas if it is not installed properly, the tendency is it will not function well, which in turn jeopardizing the integrity of the construction of your house andbest rain gutters in Duarte costly water damage might also be experienced. Likewise, businesses also need such kind of investment protection.

At Rain Gutters Duarte CA, our experienced professional makes sure that the gutter installation will be accomplished with high quality. Aside from that, we can also help you in choosing the color and style of rain gutters that best compliments with your house or even business. We can show to you and at the same provide helpful information about the difference between K-style, half-round gutters and seamless gutters and various custom solutions.

Rain Gutter Repair

Your house’ rain gutters might also be damaged due to clogging, standing rainwater, severe weather and other natural calamities, however, local Duarte rain guttersmost rain gutter service providers are not offering repair service. And it is because of the fact that we would rather offer you with installation service than repairing a damaged rain gutter. This is also more profitable for them as well but you can then have the assurance that after the work done, you will no longer get worried about your rain gutter. At Rain Gutters Duarte CA, we believe that by means of working hard for your safety, providing a higher level of attention and care to every detail of our projects, good customer relationship will surely be developed.

Despite how complex or simple your rain gutter problem is, expect that Rain Gutters Duarte CA will be at your side to help you. We will provide you the best rain gutter service that you deserve no matter what. The only thing that you need to make sure is to secure your budget for the materials to be used and your phone so that you can easily contact the company whenever you need our service. We are looking forward to serving you and make you happy.

           top rain gutter service Duarte    downspout company

Best Skylights in Duarte CA

If you need to look for Skylight Installation This is the right choice if you want to experience the benefits that skylight roofing offers. This is where you can get the chance to have a nicely installed Skylight. If you really want to find the best company that you are on the rightDuarte skylight windows company page, we at Skylight Installation Duarte CA are your reliable company. This is an incredible choice for you to gain the right services.

We at Skylight Installation Duarte CA always strive to offer the best services according to the requirement as well as needs of the client. This is the perfect means on how to gain the right home with the best looking skylight, this is an incredible option to assure that you can experience the greatness of skylight. This is what we do in order to guarantee that you can enjoy the best advantages of this roofing.

It is also your best chance to select the right type of skylight. We always want to make sure that every client will have the best opportunity to enjoy this great roofing. No matter what is your budget for such project, except that you can still get them. When you select our great Skylight Installation services, you can say that it is indeed worthy to install a skylight. We want to put a smile on every client’s face. As a matter of fact, most of our clients are happy with the services that we have received and most of their neighbors and friend loves how the newly installed skylight looks like.

We proud to leadskylight contractor in Duarte

We are proud to say that we are one of the leading companies in the industry of skylight installation. We want also for our client to feel comfortable and happy as we do what we need. In this connection, we make sure that before we deploy our contractor is that we have the necessary training, permits as well as insurance, so that the client doesn’t have to worry anything because we can surely provide what we need. This is an ideal option to assure that great services can be acquired only from Skylight Installation Duarte CA service provider.

Our company is certainly your best choice if you are on the hunt for an expert Skylight Installation. Just call us and we will be there to offer our fast, reliable and right services. As a matter of fact, we also offer maintenance, repair or other services that are connected with skylight. With Skylight Installation Duarte CA services no need for you to worry about your electricity anymore or not getting the right light inside the house. With our services, we can say that we can offer exemplary services as this can be seen in most of our reviews and feedbacks. This is where you will able to gain the best opportunity to get the best success in having a perfectly installed skylight.

           Duarte skylight      skylight installers near  Duarte

Best Attic Insulation in Duarte CA

If you reside in a cold weather place, you are well aware of how much it charges to heat your home. It is not common for many homeowners to spend thousands of cash every month only trying to keep our house at a comfortable temperature.attic insulation Duarte

You will find some homeowner who is tempted to lessen the temperature in our house while we are sleeping, however, there are some simple things we could do to the establishment, which can aid them to save up around 20% every year.

Now, if you are interested in saving money and you don’t want to go for an Attic Insulation and would like to see other options, and then use these easy steps to lessen your energy consumption.

Seal off the air leaks

Duarte insulation contractorThe simplest ways to aid control the temperature inside your house is to seal off all the air leaks. Remove weather stripping, caulk or foam and seal around doors, windows, around wiring holes, behind knee walls, around the basement, around pipes and plumbing vents as well as in surrounding recessed lighting canister. This must be an easy process and would likely offer noticeable advantages right away.

On the other hand, if you are trying to insulate your home further and hiring Attic Insulation Duarte CA is not your first option then consider utilizing temporary plastic sheeting in order to cover the glass of the window for the winter. Such plastic sheet has the ability to trap air in between the sheet and the glass, which then turns into the insulator.

Phone an Attic Insulation Duarte CA contractor to add extra insulation

attic insulation service Duarte

Apart from air leaks, a huge amount of heat escapes throughout your attic. Insulating the material is frequently sold in rolls, however, lots of homeowners choose to employ Attic Insulation Duarte CA to come and assess our roof and blow in insulation?

Having a certified attic insulation company like them will know how to put best it to your attic at the same time we will be able to allow you know when your existing insulation is not doing its work.

Lots of homeowners may be tempted to do the insulation all by themselves. While this is possible to do this properly, hiring a good Attic Insulation company means there is someone who will come to your house and assess your home to make sure there are no any additional concerns.Duarte radiant barrier attic insulation

Adding insulation to a moldy, rotting and damp attic will not just put a cover on the issue instead of solving it. Not solving the problem properly the first time can lead to so much expensive maintenance and repairs in the long run.

If your home seems like it only won’t warm up during winter, doing small changes could mean huge savings on your energy consumption. Assess your home for air leaks, which you can cover and have a certified attic insulation company like Attic Insulation Duarte CA to come out and put insulation. Later on, you might be amazed at how much you could save when your energy bill comes every month.

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